Deal to boost teacher training

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 July, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 July, 2005, 12:00am

A deal has been struck for long-term links between Chinese University and Hong Kong Institute of Education to improve teacher education in Hong Kong.

Six key principles, drawn up by a joint taskforce following consultation with staff and students, will guide their efforts to work together over the next six years.

The deal commits the institute and university to start exploring a 'deep collaboration', aimed at providing the best teacher education for Hong Kong and benefitting both bodies in the long-term.

A spokeswoman for HKIEd said: 'The two institutions believe that they can capitalise on each other's strengths, which are complementary and synergistic.

'Together they can create a critical mass of research and teaching expertise and resources unprecedented in Hong Kong, providing for the professional and academic education of teachers to serve kindergartens, primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary institutions.'

The two bodies have pledged that over the next two three-year funding cycles, they will largely continue with their present governance and remain on their current campuses. However, in the second period, some changes might be adopted if both institutions agree.

The deal also confirms that the link is not a cost-cutting measure. No scrapping of overlapping functions will be considered.

Both institutions said public funding for education in Hong Kong should be increased and that they expected extra resources from the government for their links.

The taskforce will hold further discussions over a framework for launching various joint activities in the medium to long-term.

A bid will be made to the University Grants Committee (UGC) for funding to support the link.

Encouragement of 'deep collaboration' is a key policy of the UGC, which established the fund last year. It is one of the elements a UGC working party endorsed as part of a strategy to help make Hong Kong an 'education hub'.