Melodic mishmash

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 July, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 July, 2005, 12:00am

Japanese-born DJ Towa Tei marries techno, trance, club beats and jazzy rhythms in his new release, Flash. The result is an album that offers a wide variety of sounds.

Tei is better known as a former member of the funky '90s band Deee-Lite - a past that gives you a good indication of his musical style.

The eclectic sounds of Sometimes Samurai feature the vocals of Kylie Minogue.

There are also pleasant jazz-accented tracks, such as Bianco.

The overall quality of the album is good, but a few songs are a bit grating on the nerves.

For example, Tei's remix of popular 1970s song My Sharona by The Knack sounds much like the original version. But the lyrics are barely audible, weakening the sing-along tune.

If you are looking for originality, you won't find it on Flash. Fans will find that nearly all of the tracks can be traced back to the style of well-known musicians.

But if that doesn't bother you, then the album is worth a listen.