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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, 12:00am

Tata to boost China's outsourcing market

Tata Consultancy Services, the outsourcing arm of the Tata conglomerate, has signed a letter of intent with Microsoft, Uniware and two mainland software parks to establish a joint-venture IT outsourcing company which is expected to begin operations early next year.

Details of the deal were still being discussed, but Tata would be the majority shareholder, with Microsoft a strategic investor and anchor customer, said Tata's Asia Pacific director Girija Pande.

He said the joint venture would provide outsourcing services to local, regional and multinational clients, as part of the central government's aim 'for the country to gain a position in the global IT outsourcing market'.

'It will take some time but the government is thinking very strategically. There will be challenges, but we have operated in China for three years already. We have built that initial infrastructure so now we are in a position to expand further.'

Mr Pande said growth opportunities for outsourcing services in the mainland included e-government. Stuart Biggs

Remedy for those choking workplace media files

If your e-mail account is choking on fat media files such as the latest episodes of Desperate Housewives, it might be time for an upgrade. Pacific Internet (Hong Kong) believes it has the answer: a 10-gigabyte e-mail service it has dubbed 'gigamail@biz'.

Citing the increased use of media files in the workplace, Pacific Internet is targeting the services at businesses, which can manage e-mail accounts through a web-based interface.

The cost is $100 for the first six months.

A consumer version, 'gigamail@home' offers 1GB of capacity - hardly enough to satisfy BitTorrent junkies.

But for those prepared to spend a little cash - at least on storage - the gigamail@biz account might be the better option.

Box brimming with top security appliances

Hong Kong-based Network Box has walked off with top honours at the Corporate & Channel Computing (C3) Expo held this month in New York.

Network Box was given the Enterprise Services Best of Show Award for its security appliances, which integrate multiple functions into a single box that can be remotely monitored.

The company's business proposition is to offer a range of functionality - such as firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering and protection against viruses, spam and spyware - in one device, doing away with the need for separate appliances.

The company claims its boxes, installed in 26 countries, can be updated within 45 seconds once countermeasures for new threats have been prepared.