Ode to a housewife who Triumphs over buffoonery

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 July, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 July, 2005, 12:00am

Housewife Lau Shiu-fun, accused of littering with her house key, emerged triumphant this week from Tsuen Wan Court after defending herself successfully against government hygiene bullies. Legislator Andrew Cheng Kar-foo described the hiring of a private lawyer to prosecute, which was done in Ms Lau's case, as a 'classic case of waste of money'.

South China Morning Post reader Julia Wen, who first penned a satirical verse after yours truly broke the story back in January, has returned with a poetic finale. Here is an excerpt for your literary pleasure:

'A different Madame Lau re-emerged on front page again

Beaming in triumph, her happiness she can hardly contain,

For six months she has endured insufferable agony and pain,

Waiting in earnest for justice to clear her inglorious stain,

Her prayers to Bao Qing Tian have not been said in vain.

Just for all those who have missed the earlier cover story,

Here is a brief recount of the most ludicrous in history,

Lau was accused of littering her key within home boundary,

Eight hygiene officers issued her a fine as they turned fiery,

She's prosecuted for littering in public, angry but not sorry.

After a two-hour hearing she's acquitted as she should be,

To instruct a private lawyer it costs HKSAR an $8,160 fee,

Why no government counsel was available we fail to see,

It's a classic waste of public money of an incredulous degree,

The government is embarrassed but at least our heroine is free!'