Henley offers executive short courses

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 July, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 July, 2005, 12:00am

HENLEY MANAGEMENT College will launch a series of executive short courses in Hong Kong in November. A three-day programme in finance will be run jointly with SC Learning, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong.

The Henley courses will target senior executives of local and multinational companies who want to improve internal communication, problem-solving and business decision-making skills in various situations.

'These courses are designed for practical executive development and help both corporations and individuals,' said Veronica Chan, general manager of Henley Management College's Hong Kong office. 'They vary in duration, depending upon company needs and the number of staff involved.'

The shortest programmes will last two days, with the longest running up to three weeks.

'At the end of these courses, managers should have the management skills necessary to further the business goals of their organisation, and management expertise to become better leaders in their field of operation,' Ms Chan said.

Participants will benefit in a number of ways. 'The first is, of course, from the body of management experience we offer them during the course,' Ms Chan said. 'The second is that, in extracting them from their day-to-day operations and placing them in different decision-making situations, they will be able to review company problems using a range of management techniques they may not have been aware existed.

'Third, working together in a group, they will benefit from sharing ideas and tackling issues under the guidance of experienced Henley tutors.'

Based in Britain, Henley has offered management education and development courses since it was established in 1945. The school has decided to offer its programmes in Hong Kong due to growing demand for executive short courses in the region.

'Since the 1980s, we've found that both the public and private companies we provide management training courses to have expanded their operations in Asia. With larger management staff numbers, they are looking at short executive courses to empower these staff with the necessary management skills to operate in Asia and China,' Ms Chan said.

More than 100 people from Hong Kong - 95 per cent of them civil servants - have attended Henley's executive development programmes in Britain.

'The Advanced Management Programme (AMP) has enabled me to see a better way of doing things to get the results I need,' said Blake Hancock, who works in the public sector. 'We were provided with a safe playground to explore new strategies and to try out different approaches.'

The programme gave Louisa Yang, another public sector employee, a broader perspective on how things are done in other business sectors.

'I needed to broaden my horizons and gain a better understanding of what the rest of the business world does,' Ms Yang said. 'AMP gave me an excellent insight into business at an international level, with a good mix of [how things are done in] the private and public sector.'