By George, it's the friendly star

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 November, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 November, 1993, 12:00am

THE star guest at the Australian Grand Prix was ex-Beatle George Harrison, who was staying at the Adelaide Hilton and, as it happened, on the same floor as Keeping Posted - and Ayrton Senna .

We bumped into Harrison on a few occasions and he couldn't have been friendlier as we exchanged grand prix pleasantries. Despite having achieved musical legend-dom there is no ego to the man as he courteously acknowledged in his Scouse accent anyone who greeted him.

We wonder whether his eco-friendly former band member Paul McCartney has been preaching to him of late. For Harrison, a keen motor racing enthusiast, told us that he was going off the sport a bit as ''too many of these cars are polluting the environment''.

After coming down in the lift with Harrison yesterday morning on the way to the circuit, we both walked outside the front door, where Beatles fan Graham Linton had parked his kaleidoscopic Sgt Pepper cruiser in the faint hope that Harrison's curiosity might be aroused.

Not only was Harrison genuinely interested in the vehicle, which Graham described as bearing ''a wrap-around history of the Beatles from 1962-70 in murals'', but to Graham's utter amazement he also asked to be driven to the grand prix site in it.

And, at Keeping Posted's request, Harrison was even willing to pose in front of the Beatlemobile before he rode off. Such a nice guy.