Exposure too much for film student

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 August, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 August, 2005, 12:00am

We're tired of hearing celebrities complain about lack of privacy. C'mon! At the beginning of their careers, they fought hard to get in front of that camera. They knew what they were getting into, so we're not going to pity them when the paparazzi finds microwave dinner containers in their trash.

However, we have a bit of compassion for the children of socialites. At a recent event, Elaine Lee Yi-lam (pictured), daughter of tycoon Andrew Lee Tak-lun (owner of Steak Expert restaurant chains) and former glamour girl Lam Tsan-kei, was caught weeping on camera.

The 19-year-old film student from LA tells CitySeen she wasn't prepared for that kind of exposure. 'I got very emotional that day. The Chinese press wrote some lies and when reporters started to ask me about it, I didn't know how to handle it.'

Lee believes the Chinese press prints lies about her because she can't read it. Of course, there's always a translator. 'I'm very conservative and unlike what you read in the paper, I never fool around with boys,' she says. 'I especially dislike Next Magazine. It's disappointing when I spend so much time at events talking to reporters and see that they just twist my words. My mum kind of warned me when I got into this industry, not that I tried to get in, I don't act or sing.'

It's not enough that Lee has famous parents; add the young-rich-and-beautiful factor, and the press move in on her like ants on a jellybean. Our advice? Get used to it, dear.