PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 09 August, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 09 August, 2005, 12:00am

Lee Hsien Loong gets thumbs up

Mary Lim, 33

'I think he has successfully brought a breath of fresh air to the government. The cabinet appears to be more energetic and go-getting, with a 'let's do it' attitude.

Of course, it will take some time to assess if the policies are successful, but at least he appears genuinely willing to listen to the younger generation and understand our concerns.'

Agnes Tan, 36

'I think he is doing a great job so far. He has shown that his team is ready to open their minds to revisit issues and initiatives that would not have been entertained at all by the previous government. He's astute enough to recognise that the nation he's leading now has different needs, and he has made moves to appeal to the tertiary educated youths as well as the locals with global exposure. These are the sectors with the voters that the government will need in the very near future to stay

in power.'

Kevin Woo, 28

'I feel that he still has a lot to learn from the previous PMs, and I also think he still needs to work more on the

well-being of the people. Otherwise, all is good.'