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PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 August, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 August, 2005, 12:00am

Upgrade, not outsource guards

One of my friends became a lifeguard this summer.

He told me that it is not difficult to become a qualified lifeguard, but it is tough to deal with all the accidents happening in the pool.

Recently, the government decided to outsource 10 positions at the new Tai Kok Tsui Sport Centre, but the lifeguards decided to protest against this decision.

While the government should not outsource, we really need to upgrade the standard of lifeguards.

If you have a bronze medallion, which is the basic water supervision award recognised around the world, you can, at present, apply to be a lifeguard.

But that is not enough. Guards not only need to know how to swim, but they must also have a fundamental knowledge of first aid. Our lives are in their hands.

Jenny Yung

Mother-tongue policy not to blame

This year, the Hong Kong A-Level English exam results are very poor and some teachers and parents blame the mother-tongue policy.

It doesn't necessarily mean that this policy is seriously flawed. I studied in a Cantonese-medium school from Form One to Five.

I could only learn English through English lessons. This was not enough.

But I am not pointing the finger at my school. What I am really dissatisfied with, is the lack of opportunities.

Chinese-speaking schools should provide more opportunities for students to learn English.

They can organise activities, such as drama or English week.

Students can not only learn in school. They can also build up self-learning skills, which is crucial to developing proficiency in English.

Reading story books or newspapers is a good start. Students can certainly get good results regardless of their school language policy.

A Student Ko Lui Secondary School

Tourist troubles

Recently, l read an article about Singaporeans discriminating against Chinese tourists.

They think the Chinese are the worst and the most troublesome tourists in the world.

Is it really true? No! I think it's a misunderstanding.

Every country's tourists have both good and bad sides. We should pay attention on our behaviour to stop giving a bad impression.

We should be polite, gentle, responsible and friendly.

Gracie Wong

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)

Material teens

I am concerned because many teenagers are so materialistic.

They are terribly spoilt by their parents.

Many parents give their children everything they want.

If they see a new digital camera or mobile phone they just buy it and throw away the 'old' one, which they have just brought!

Teenagers should not indulge in such luxuries and parents should not indulge their teens.


HK English poor

I saw a TV programme recently about the standard of English in Hong Kong. The reporters went to the University of Hong Kong and interviewed the students.

They asked them to read a few words, such as igloo and caterpillar. They didn't even know the words!

They interviewed 40 people on the street and only one or two people knew all the words and pronounced them correctly. But they were just tourists from Singapore!

From this report we can see how poor the English standard is in Hong Kong.

As an international city, our language standard is really important.

Parents should read English stories aloud to their children when they are young.

Let us build a good English foundation.

Joscelin Yeung

Diocesan Girls' Junior School

I love the music

There are about 10 students in my class of 34 who know how to play the piano. Some of them, including me, have reached Grade Five.

One might wonder why so many people are interested in learning how to play the piano, even though the lessons are so expensive and a piano costs a fortune.

Music always evokes good feelings whenever you listen to it and it is also provides stress relief. I really love music.

I am planning to get a higher grade so that I can be a successful pianist in the future.

I will work very hard at it, because playing music can help me get higher marks and better results in music exams at school.

Christy Yuen Man-ling

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Terrorist attacks are selfish acts

On July 23, three terrible bomb attacks took place in Red Sea.

Eighty-eight people died and many tourists were injured. People in those places panicked.

It makes me feel very sad because those terror attacks reflect how humans do not understand each other.

The people responsible for the terror attacks are selfish.

They only think about themselves and express their feelings in radical ways.

They hurt innocent people.

It's hard to understand their inhumane acts.

I believe that all people deep down want to live peacefully.

We should communicate with others and try to understand others.

Although it is very difficult, we need to try our best.

Attacking others only reinforces hate and nothing will change.

I hope that people can be more considerate.


Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)