Man had sex with daughter, 11, court told

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2005, 12:00am

A man had had sex with his 11-year-old daughter after forcing her to watch a pornographic VCD and molested her until she began secondary school, a court heard yesterday.

The father has pleaded not guilty to one count of incest with a daughter younger than 13.

Prosecutor Laura Ng alleged the assaults started in the months after the girl began her Primary Five studies in September 1998.

The father allegedly called her into the bedroom while she was studying and told her to sit on the bed and watch a VCD with him.

The movie was pornographic and as it played he moved closer and closer to his daughter, hugging her and trying to kiss her before eventually removing their trousers and having sex.

'She was very scared,' Ms Ng said. '[She] shouted for help but she was ignored.'

The girl later found blood in her pants and had a shower, after which her father had warned her not to say anything.

Ms Ng alleged the assault was repeated around Lunar New Year the following year and the father continued touching the girl until she began secondary school.

The girl, who is now almost 18 and living in the care of the Po Leung Kuk, moved in with her father and younger sister and brother in April 1998 after coming from the mainland.

No complaint was made to police until June last year, when one of the girl's teachers noticed her crying outside the school.

She had asked why the girl was sad and when she mentioned that her father was an 'immoral' man she had taken her to the school social worker, who notified police.

In a tape-recorded interview played to the court yesterday, the girl alleged that other family members had warned her about her father and told her to lock the door when she was on the toilet.

She said her father was always telling her she was very beautiful. She said she had started over-eating in an effort to put on weight and avoid his attentions.

The trial continues tomorrow.