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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 August, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 August, 2005, 12:00am

Keep Syllabus A

Recently, I heard that there will be a change in the English HKCEE syllabus in 2007. All Form Three students will be the guinea pigs for this system.

Syllabus A and B will disappear. It is a good idea because no one will discriminate against students taking Syllabus A.

But it is quite unfair to students because the new system is more difficult.

It is hard to get high marks and this may affect their job opportunities.

The government should consider it more carefully and delay the cancellation of Syllabus A.

Carmen Wong

Leung Shek Chee College

Don't be tempted

We are surrounded by temptation. When you are revising your textbook, the TV lures you from your work.

If you find that a $1,000 note on the street, you may feel tempted to keep it.

Sometimes, we are controlled by selfishness and greed and, as a result, make the wrong decisions. We have to learn to control ourselves.

Chow Kar-yun

Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Three-child policy is too expensive

Many people don't want to have children, or, if they do, they don't want more than two. They think that raising a child is bothersome and their education is expensive.

Recently, Hong Kong's Chief Executive Donald Tsang suggested a three-child policy.

It is impossible for all Hong Kong citizens to do this. Mr Tsang is so rich that he doesn't understand the living conditions of people who are not wealthy.

There are many families living in small houses, which are not big enough for five people.

Lots of people only earn $10,000 a month. How can they raise three children on that? It is impossible.

Many couples simply choose not to have children. But this trend is causing the population to age and costing society a lot of money.

To boost the birth rate, the government should think of some realistic solutions.

Lee Lai-ching

Our Lady of the Rosary College

This creative idea is a cut above

People love to change their hairstyles. Recently, I found a creative machine for people who worry that they may choose the wrong hairstyle.

This machine is used by hair salons and it looks just like a computer.

There is a camera inside it and it has plenty of pictures of different hairstyles. This machine can help people find a suitable hairstyle.

The customer sits in front of the machine and looks at the camera before pressing the 'enter' button. After a few moments, the customer's picture will come up on the computer monitor. She can then try different hairstyles by choosing from the pictures provided. What a creative business idea!

From now on, people will not worry about choosing a wrong hairstyle and they can have fun playing with the machine too!

Crystal Fung

HKCEE took article from a forum

I took the HKCEE exam last year and I have been following all the news about it this year. I totally understand how those students felt when they came out of the examination centre.

This year, candidates complained that Paper Two was very difficult, especially the proof-reading part.

It turned out that the proof-reading article was taken from a forum which was written by a Dutch guy in informal English.

Some of the students got online, and found the article at http://forum.comicfreakz.net/

The Dutch man didn't know anything about that, but students kept punishing him on the message board and ICQ, and some of them even used rude language.

This experience shows students that not all knowledge is in textbooks.

In Hong Kong, students are taught to recite a lot of material for no purpose.

The exam article written in informal English was supposed to encourage students to look beyond the classroom and not simply study to pass exams.

Cherie Ng

Eat right, exercise to lose weight

Young women are obsessed with slimming, but they love eating and don't like to exercise. Their food intake is much greater than their energy use.

They become fat and this causes many health problems, such as obesity.

Some women think joining slimming courses will work, but they still do nothing to improve their eating habits and refuse to exercise.

These advertisements always exaggerate the effectiveness of their courses.

Improving eating habits and doing more exercise are the best ways to slim down, but these methods take time and will power. Be sensible!

Mui Ka-ho

SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Please don't smoke

A lot of people in Hong Kong like smoking, but the people who don't smoke are affected.

If people don't stop smoking, Hong Kong will be covered with huge clouds of smoke and we won't be able to breathe any fresh air.

Tourists will not come to Hong Kong anymore and people who don't smoke will not go to restaurants anymore.

It will threaten the economy and many people will lose their jobs.

People may have to start wearing masks when they go out. The animals and plants will die.

The government should introduce more laws, regulations and punishments to stop people from smoking.

If people stop smoking, we will have a cleaner environment.

Kington Lam

Talk about it first

A recent newspaper article reported that a girl committed suicide after arguing with her father. Teenagers should know that they can solve their problems through discussion. We must think twice before reacting.

Janet Wong

Leung Shek Chee College