What kind of robot would you like to invent?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 September, 2005, 12:00am

Name: Sum Sum

Age: 15

Top tunes: May Day's new album

I would make a robot that can save the world from criminals. It would look like Neo, the character played by Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix. Neo is one of my heroes. He moves faster than a bullet and looks cool. I think there's too much crime in the world. So I would like to come up with a robot who can fight criminals and make the world a safer place.

Name: Pang Pang

Age: 16

Top tunes: Kenny Kwan's new release

It would be a robot to help me do the housework. My mother has a job so she doesn't have much time for housework. She often asks me to give her a hand. I am the only child so I have no one to help me. But I'm lazy and I don't like to tidy up the flat. I hate cleaning the toilet. It's dirty work. But I think a robot wouldn't mind doing it.

Name: Sandy Yip

Age: 15

Top tunes: Stephy Tang's new album

A robot to help me tidy up my room. My mother often yells at me for throwing my books everywhere. But I'm just too lazy to arrange them properly. She did not work in the past so the flat was always clean. But now she has a job and the flat is always messy. My sisters and I take turns to wash the dishes every night.

Name: Anson Cheng

Age: 20

Top tunes: Leo Ku's new song

I would like to invent a robot that can bring happiness to people. Robots can be good listeners and people should be able to share their feelings with them. I think many Hongkongers are afraid to speak up. They do not trust people, not even their friends. They are worried that their secrets will be revealed. So I think a good robot listener would make them happy.

Name: Lila

Age: 17

Top tunes: My boyfriend's song

I would make a robot that can encourage me and give me its opinions on different issues. We could share my joys as well as sorrows. I have older brothers and sisters. We sometimes chat with each other but the topics are usually about daily life. I seldom talk about my innermost feelings with them. But, with a robot, I can talk about anything and nobody would know.