Boost your vocabulary

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 September, 2005, 12:00am

The highlighted words have been chosen from the South China Morning Post's top news stories to help you improve your word power

Cathay Pacific is issuing half rations to passengers flying between London and Hong Kong because of industrial problems at British Airways' caterers.

Like hepatitis B, hepatitis C is transmitted through body fluids, including mother-to-baby transmission during birth, sharing needles, blood transfusions and unsafe sex, according to Lo Chung-mau of the University of Hong Kong.

The focus for ceremonies in Hong Kong yesterday was at the Cenotaph in Central, where Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan became the highest-ranking civil servant to attend war remembrance services since the handover.

State-run media carried reviews of the 1937-45 Sino-Japanese war, with reunions and memories of veterans, in addition to highlighting atrocities committed by Japan's troops and the brave deeds of Chinese soldiers.

Hundreds of students will be contacted by officials today to check if they have been disadvantaged in their hunt for a Form Six place by the grading bungle that saw 670 exam papers marked down.

Fewer people see the Independent Commission Against Corruption as impartial than a year earlier, and more say it has abused its power, a poll has found. But the majority still believes the graft watchdog is acting appropriately and there is growing confidence that the level of corruption in Hong Kong is falling.

The Consumer Council called on the government to regulate the labelling of health food products, saying there have been instances where they have proved hazardous.

Mainland officials would not say why Henan pork was recalled but denied it was linked to a rumoured outbreak in the province of the pig-borne disease that has killed 39 people in Sichuan.


Half rations - half the amount of food

Hepatitis C - a serious liver disease that can cause fever and make the skin yellow

Cenotaph - a monument built to remind people of soldiers who were killed in a war

Atrocities (plural) - extremely cruel and violent actions, especially during war

grading bungle - a marking mistake

graft watchdog - a committee that makes sure companies or individuals do not do anything dishonest or illegal

labelling of health food products - information about the food products

pig-borne disease - a disease that is carried by pigs

Exercise: Complete these sentences using the above words

1. At present, there is still no effective treatment for _________________.

2. The ____________________________ is required in Hong Kong.

3. Many people have died from a ____________________ in Sichuan Province.

4. Due to the caterers' strike, airline passengers could only receive ____________ on board.

5. Many war-time veterans paid their respects at the ______________ in Central.

6. The ______________ will ensure there are no dishonest transactions between the government and private businesses.

7. Japan has been accused of trying to cover up its war-time _______________.

8. The Hong Kong Examinations Authority has offered its deep regret about the ______________ .

Answers: 1.hepatitis C 2. labelling of health food products 3. pig-borne disease 4. half rations 5. Cenotaph 6. graft watchdog 7. atrocities 8. grading bungle