Mind the fleas and queues, park told

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 September, 2005, 12:00am

Waits to check in and out, and bugs, rile hotel guests. We'll do better, Disney says

Holidaymakers who complained about long waits to check into the Disneyland hotels on Tuesday were grumbling again yesterday - about long waits to check out.

And that was not the only grouch. One guest said he had been bitten by mosquitoes in his room and fleas in the carpet.

About 20 people were queuing to leave the newly opened Hollywood Hotel by 9am. By 11am, the deadline for checking out, the queue had grown to about 100. Some guests complained they had to wait an hour just to reach the desk.

'We queued when we checked in. Now we are checking out and we still have to queue. Queuing is needed for everything, even making a fax,' one visitor said.

A woman who could not find a bell boy to help her described the hotel as 'cheap'. Rooms at the Hollywood Hotel cost from $1,000 a night.

Disney said it would consider setting up an express checkout counter.

'We will refine the operation and improve [it] after listening to the views of the guests,' a spokeswoman said.

She said guests should not arrive in the morning, since they could not check in until 3pm. Then there were the bugs.

One guest, who declined to give his full name, complained he had been irritated by insects all night.

'There were mosquitoes flying around and stinging me. My body was covered in rashes,' he said.

Asked if he had sought help from hotel staff, the guest, a Mr Fong, said: 'I didn't receive any service from hotel staff - most of the time I could not get hold of anyone.'

After airing his complaints, Mr Fong was taken to a room for a chat with the hotel's manager.

He declined to give details of their conversation afterwards.

Disney said it would follow up the case and stressed that regular pest controls were carried out in hotel rooms.

Shortly after the park's two hotels were furnished, there were reports that some of the wooden furniture had been infected with bugs. The bugs were reportedly found in more than 100 rooms at the Disneyland Hotel.

It is suspected the beetles were introduced to the 400-room hotel after burrowing into some of the furniture, which had been imported from various mainland suppliers.

On its third day of operation, the Disneyland theme park continued to open at 9.30am, half an hour earlier than the scheduled time.

But no queues were seen outside yesterday morning.


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