Litter lout refuses to move out of his flat

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 September, 2005, 12:00am

The Housing Department will issue an eviction notice today to Yuen Kin-man - the first public housing tenant to be evicted for littering - after he defied an order to move out of his flat.

A department spokeswoman said if the Tuen Mun resident failed to leave the flat by October 20, force would be used.

Mr Yuen's neighbours at Yau Oi Estate have labelled him a 'littering-crazy man' for his persistent rubbish dumping and hostility. He spent four months in jail for throwing bottles from his 25th-floor flat.

He amassed 17 demerit points under the Housing Authority's two-year-old marking scheme, which was introduced as part of the cleanup after Sars. Public housing tenants who notch up 16 demerit points or more face eviction.

Mr Yuen appealed to an independent panel and his case was heard early this month. The department issued a voluntary removal notice to him last Wednesday immediately after the appeal panel rejected his case.

Although the notice expired yesterday, the department will restrain from using force until a month after they issued the notice.

Mr Yuen refused to talk yesterday. A glimpse inside his home showed he had not started packing and his furniture was still in place.

His neighbours said they were concerned for their safety.

'I am very worried and scared. I walk around here a lot, and we have elderly and children walking around every day, and god knows what he will throw out of the window. It is very dangerous,' said one.

Another said: 'I saw him dump a whole watermelon and toss out many bags of water. I am terrified.'

The Housing Department has asked the Social Welfare Department to provide assistance to Mr Yuen. It said he could store his belongings at a transit centre in Tuen Mun before he is verified as homeless by officials.

'Then [he] can live in interim housing,' the spokeswoman said.