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PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 September, 2005, 12:00am

Disney outing turns sour for family

I?m writing in response to the article headlined ?Consumer rights activist sues over service quality? (South China Morning Post, September 13).

The article focuses on thecharity day at Disneyland, when 29,000 people packed the venue.

Hung Wah-fung, who was unhappy with the crowd management that day, is seeking a full refund of his ticket and transport expenses, totalling $1,383.60. He wants the money to be donated to the Community Chest.

Mr Hung visited the theme park with his wife and two sons, aged 11 and 14.

I agree with his request because the park was too crowded that day. People had to queue for hours to go on a ride or to get a table at a restaurant.

Disneyland is meant to bring happiness to people, but Disney officials failed to provide satisfactory services. This is a shame.

I think they should reduce the number of visitors allowed into the park. They have to improve the situation before the upcoming ?Golden Week?, when thousands of mainlanders are expected to visit Disneyland.

Toby Chan

Yew Chung International School

Money matters

The front page article in the Young Post on September 23 emphasised the need for parents

to teach money management to their children. The article added that several seminars have been organised to offer parents some valuable advice on the issue.

This is a good move because young people nowadays are too materialistic.

They borrow money from their parents and spend it on useless things such as brandname

clothes and video games.

Such bad habits may lead to a lot of social problems in future.

Parents, as well as schools, should take steps to cultivate financial responsibility among teenagers.


STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Nightmare over for estate residents

Yuen Kin-man has become the first person to be evicted by the Housing Department for throwing rubbish. He had amassed 16 demerit points under the department?s marking scheme.

Yuen, a ?nightmare tenant?, has to move out of his flat in Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, within a


He will have to join the waiting list if he wants to move back to a public estate.

I support the marking scheme because it has a deterrent effect on littering.

But I think offenders should be banned for life from public estates. This is because throwing

rubbish out of a flat poses a serious threat to others.

So Kai-hang

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

A new threat

With the rapid scientific advances now being made, new technology can become ?old? within a few months.

So would you throw your old mobile phone away when a new model comes on the market?

People have a great desire for the latest technology. But it?s meaningless to follow the latest

trends, as many different products are invented every day.

Moreover, it?s a waste of money to constantly buy new gadgets. You should treasure

what you have. Don?t let technology rule your life.

Vicky Fung

St Teresa Secondary School

Heavy burden

I am writing in response to the letter headlined ?Heavy school bags take their toll? (Young Post, September 21).

I agree that heavy school bags can affect the health of children.

If students carry heavy bags for a long period, they could get back and shoulder problems.

I think schools should pay more attention to the problem, without accusing students of

putting unnecessary things in their bags.

Teachers can tell students what books they should bring the following day.

Also, parents should buy lighter school bags and students should pack their bags every day.

Reona Shu

St Teresa Secondary School

Lockers needed

Students have to bring many books to school every day.

It is no easy task for them to carry their school bags. If students have their own lockers, this can ease the pain considerably.

I hope that all schools can provide enough lockers for their students.

Esther Lam

St Teresa Secondary School

Sound advice

Some Form One students wanted to know what they should do to become good handball players.

I told them: ?If you want to be a good handball player, you should attend all the training sessions and listen to the coach carefully. Finally, the most important point is never give up!?

Yeung Kin-lun

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School