Disgusted by programme

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 November, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 November, 1993, 12:00am

WHILST watching television on the evening of November 13, I was subjected to the most offensive and sickening excuse for entertainment I have witnessed to date.

As a frequent viewer of natural history programmes, I was appalled to observe various animals fighting. German Shepherds, prairie dogs and foxes were obviously set up to fight each other - often in a confined space.

The most upsetting and distasteful sequence was that of a tiger and lioness placed in a cage to fight in front of television cameras. These animals - along with the aforementioned - ended up totally exhausted and injured, that is, bleeding profusely fromtheir mouths and from open wounds.

I failed to comprehend how the narrators' concluding comment that '' . . these fights help us to understand the animal kingdom further . . . '', could possibly be substantiated, especially when tigers and lions do not even live (naturally) on the same continent.

Therefore, how could these animals fight together in the wild? I was totally ashamed to be in Hong Kong watching such a programme. The gratuitous violence was pure titillation, grossly perverse and extremely cruel.

The show I am referring to was Sex of the Animal Kingdom and broadcast on TVB Pearl - a channel that should be severely reprimanded for allowing such a sickening programme to be aired.

If you too were disgusted by this disgraceful show please do as I have done, by complaining in writing to the complaints section of the Broadcasting Authority.

S. G. ALLCOCK Causeway Bay