love is...

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 February, 2006, 12:00am

1 Cupid is the Roman god of erotic love. Who is his Greek counterpart?

2 In what year was the original Summer of Love?

3 Who had a 1964 hit with Baby Love?

4 Which actress played opposite Ryan O'Neal in seminal 1970 weepie Love Story?

5 In which city did the 1929 St Valentine's Day Massacre?

6 Who wrote classic Gothic short story The Tell-Tale Heart?

7 In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, how does Juliet die?

8 In which century did St Valentine live?

9 Which restaurant chain has the motto, 'Love all, serve all'?

10 Who said: 'A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her'?

Solution: 1 Eros 2 1967 3 The Supremes 4 Ali MacGraw 5 Chicago 6 Edgar Allan Poe 7 She stabs herself 8 The third century 9 Hard Rock Cafe 10 Oscar Wilde.