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PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 February, 2006, 12:00am

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Reader Oliver Dreyer parked his new motorcycle near the shroff's office at a Wilson Parking lot in Whitfield Road, Tin Hau, on Christmas Eve and found it was stolen when he returned after midnight on Christmas Day.

He is claiming compensation from Wilson for negligence.

'My motorcycle was parked two metres from the shroff's office on the first floor,' he said.

'On the ground floor, at the entrance (end of the ramp), is a guard booth with a barrier. In the evening, it has an extra roller shutter.

'How could the thieves break the lock, then roll the bike down the ramp and get through the barrier undetected?'

Wilson Parking said it has received Mr Dreyer's complaint and has referred it to its own insurance company.

'We expect a reply from the insurer within a month's time and will make a decision on whether to reject or honour Mr Dreyer's request,' a company official said.

But she added that Wilson Parking is not bound by the recommendation made by the insurer.

Hiker Jason Ali questions why 'ugly and obstructive' fencing and benches have been put up at High West in Pokfulam Country Park, which he claims ruins the view and does not offer any protection to hikers.

'Could someone from the relevant government department please explain why ornamental fencing has been installed on the top of Hong Kong Island's High West peak? It simply isn't needed,' he says.

'People who visit this fantastic viewing point, including many of my friends, are owed an explanation, including a statement on the cost and a summary of the data used to justify this dreadful act of vandalism.

'The whole debacle highlights just how out of touch some public officials are in this wonderful city of ours. The last time I went up a few days ago the installation was at the summit. Whether or not they intend to just do the top, or, in fact, work all the way down the pathway - 557 steps, about 100 metres of elevation - is anyone's guess. In any case, the whole thing is a mess and quite unnecessary.

'Also, there are some ridiculous new seats and elevated covers that have just been erected at the base of the High West stairway.

'The site would have provided a magnificent vista of Mount Kellett, but now, less than one metre away, the bushes have grown to well over two metres high and the view is completely blocked. Anyone who chooses to sit there would have to be an extraordinarily keen botanist.'

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department put up the fencing along the steps and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is responsible for the benches at a lower level. Both have replied. 'The fencing at High West was installed recently by our department,' a conservation department spokesman said. 'The purpose is to enhance hiking safety there. We have installed the brown iron fencing only. The installation of a new railing at the peak of High West has been completed. We do not intend to construct additional sections.'

A leisure department officer took Mr Ali to the site and discussed his concerns. A department spokeswoman said his concerns would be raised with relevant officials. 'We will see how we can address these issues,' she said.