Snubbed editor fights to reopen supplement

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 27 July, 2017, 8:58am

The editor of the Bingdian Weekly, which was closed down by the central government last week, is trying to submit a petition letter protesting against the closure through private channels after the China Youth League's party committee refused to pass it on.

Li Datong submitted a petition letter, addressed to the Central Discipline Inspection Committee, to the China Youth Daily party committee on Monday last week. It complained about the abrupt closure of the Youth Daily supplement by the Central Propaganda Department and asked for 'a responsible response' within seven days.

But the petition letter, an attempt by the veteran party member to fight for his cause through party procedures, bounced back after a week.

'I was informed by our newspaper party committee that our supervisor, the China Youth League party committee, had refused to pass my petition letter through to the upper level', he said.

'I find this both funny and annoying, because according to the party constitution, no individual or organ is allowed to intercept a petition letter by a party member and they failed to implement their obligation in such a ridiculous, straightforward way.'

Mr Li said he had also been trying to get his petition through by other channels and expected it would reach the Central Discipline Inspection Committee in two to three days.

'We have many contacts and channels to submit the petition letter,' he said. 'My colleagues and I had predicted the petition letter would be delayed or blocked at some stage, but I didn't expect such a straightforward rejection from the China Youth League.'

Despite mounting public support for a relaunch of Bingdian, highlighted by an open letter signed by 13 veteran officials and public intellectuals on Tuesday, Mr Li declined to forecast its return.