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PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 February, 2006, 12:00am

Friday, Feb 17, 8.30-9pm

Great Artists 2 With Tim Marlow: Caravaggio 1571-1610

ATV World

Of all the great artists, Caravaggio seems to speak most intensely to the modern world.

He lived a brief and tumultuous life, mocking authority and even murdering a man.

He spent four years on the run, but he always painted, bringing religious art to life in paintings so powerful and natural that some people described them as 'miracles'.

In the programme, Tim Marlow looks at paintings such as The Musicians, a melancholy celebration of music with a slight erotic edge, and The Conversion of St Paul, an expression of the artist's deep religious sensibility.

Saturday, Feb 18, 10-11pm

National Geographic: Most Amazing Moments

ATV World

The show gives viewers a ringside seat for some of the most incredible journeys, adventures and achievements from National Geographic's film and video archives.

The programme covers six different themes, and to bring a fresh perspective, each segment will feature one of the key filmmakers who was there at the time.

Segments include Amazing Predators, featuring leopards, sharks, crocodiles, snakes and bears; Amazing Disasters, where a handful of brave filmmakers thrust themselves directly into the heart of nature's fury; and Amazing Adventures, which follows explorers, scientists and adventurers who conquer land, sea and air.

Amazing Discoveries will focus on a shipwreck and an ancient mummy, while Amazing Encounters will reveal what happens when animals and people come into conflict. In Amazing Deep, marine scientists uncover what's going on far below the ocean's surface.

Sunday, Feb 19, 8-8.30pm

Everybody Hates Chris

TVB Pearl

Inspired by his childhood experiences, Chris Rock narrates the hilarious, touching story of a teenager named Chris (Tyler James Williams) in the premiere of this new comedy series.

In Sunday's episode of Everyone Hates the Pilot, Chris struggles to cope with being uprooted to a new neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York. He is sent for the first time to a predominantly white school and has to look after his younger siblings Drew (Tequan Richmond) and Tonya (Imani Hakim)

at home.

Meanwhile, Chris' dad Julius (Terry Crews) questions how his wife Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) manages the family's finances. Later, Chris squares off against a bully and meets a new friend, Greg (Vincent Martella), on his first day at school.

Monday, Feb 20, 8-9pm

Trouble At the Top: Fighting The Pirates

ATV World

The English Channel is one of the most expensive ferry crossings on the planet.

One man, Kurt Stavis, is about to change all that. He is taking on the giants of the English Channel and launching the United Kingdom's first cut-price ferry service. SpeedFerries is offering passengers a 'no-frills' service between Dover and Boulogne (suspended by ferry companies 11 years ago).

But Stavis has never run a ferry company before and his first summer will not be plain sailing. Not only does he have to fight some of the worst summer storms on record and technical problems with his ships, he decides to take his rivals to court.

Tuesday, Feb 21, 9-10pm

Garden of the Gods: A Visit to the Ancient Empire

ATV World

The ancient empire of Greece was the residence of the gods from Artemis to Zeus. It is a sanctuary for impressive temples, ruins, mystical places of worship and a variety of fauna and flora.

The documentary takes viewers through the world of the gods where mostly unknown, mythical and strange animals live in a breathtaking landscape.

The journey begins under the waters of the Mediterranean around the Greek islands. There, in the blue depths, Poseidon with his trident reigns supreme.

In his kingdom, the sacred dolphin swims with octopus and tuna fish. But Poseidon's influence abruptly ends at the coast.

Wednesday, Feb 22, 10.35-11.30pm

Without A Trace (III): Second Sight

TVB Pearl

Vivian takes time off work to deal with her health problems and tries to be brave in front of her family and colleagues.

Her deeply concerned team members attempt to focus on the case of a missing psychic, Agnes (Alexandra Lydon).

The young woman's associate, Rebecca (Natacha Roi), reveals that Agnes recently sought her professional guidance regarding how to handle a man who was angry with her.

Jack, Samantha, Martin and Danny try to determine if he's the same man who burst into one of Agnes' readings and yelled at her.

A neighbour reported that he heard Agnes get pushed down the stairs, furthering the theory that Agnes may have known her abductor.

Thursday, Feb 23, 8.30-9.35pm

Nigel Marven's Animal Detectives

TVB Pearl

Detectives are gathering recruits from across the natural world. Dogs, flies, beetles and even plants are being used to solve crime mysteries.

Animal Detectives blends stories of scientific discovery with reconstructions of real-life crimes to show how plants and animals helped solve them. It's a global overview of the latest forensic techniques involving nature.

At the outset of the programme we see a killer leaving his victims' bodies in woodland. It seems he's committed the 'perfect murder' - but can nature's evidence prove otherwise? We return to this crime later to find out.

Hidden in the desert, a terrorist bomb factory is being infiltrated by tiny witnesses: flies absorb explosives into their bodies as they buzz through the building. Nearby, FBI agents are trapping insects and analysing their contents - if they find evidence of bomb-making they'll know there's a factory in the area. Nigel visits the US lab where the FBI are developing these techniques.