Eliminate squeaks

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 18 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 18 February, 2006, 12:00am

We've given the following new car products a good going over

3M Silicone Lubricant

Silicone lubricant does everything ordinary lubricants do - except that they're not oily and don't drip everywhere. Some marques recommend silicone lubricant to treat rubber seals and convertible tops. This 3M Silicone Lubricant ($36, 241g) immediately stopped door squeaks and made rubber supple.

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

This new tyre foam from Armor All ($56, 425g) has what's called a precision applicator, which squirts a fine arc of the misty, nice-smelling substance that distributes evenly on the tyre. The trigger-like nozzle is ergonomic, and in a short time tyres are blackened beautifully. The shine isn't as extreme as some might like, but I like the effect.

Turtle Wax F21 Tire Foam & Shine

This shine is no different from most tyre foams: spray it on, leave it to sit for a while and the tyres become nice and shiny. The F21 Tire Foam & Shine ($38, 595g) smells quite pleasant and a nano agent blocks the UV rays that quicken the tyre's ageing process.

Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover Wipers

Bugs on the bumper and road tar upset the clean freaks in the New Territories and are hard to clean. The disposable Bug & Tar Remover Wipers ($18, 25 pieces) meet their maker's claims. Road tar is dissolved with a few strokes, along with other dirt and grime. But your hands are left so greasy afterwards that you won't want to hold the steering wheel without having a good wash. Make sure there's a tap nearby.

Meguiar's Quick Detail Pad

This new Detail Pad feels like a piece of foam wrapped around an ultra soft towel, but it's actually a thick pile of microfibre that's said to trap 'liquid and dust with amazing absorbency'. The Meguiar's Quick Detail Pad is ideal for buffing off wax. Its figure-of-eight shape allows for a firm grip, and, at $56, it's reasonable for those who love waxing their own cars. The microfibre surface is supposed to be more car-friendly, too, and said to leave less of a swirl mark. Oh ... it's so soft and fluffy.

Rinrei Car Washing While Waxing

This Japanese product makes a tempting promise that it can wash and then wax a car without water. Just spray it on, wipe it off and the car is left with a waxed surface.

Although I was appalled by the idea of a waterless car wash, the Rinrei Car Washing While Waxing ($28, 400ml) includes silicone and lubrication powder. We tried it on a small dusty surface with a wet towel, and it worked. And that area was left smoother than before. We'll still need to keep the hose running, but this product is ideal for a quick touch-up.