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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 19 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 19 February, 2006, 12:00am


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Many enthusiasts of games and gaming are familiar with the Lik-Sang website (, run by a Hong Kong-based company that sells online everything related to video games.

In addition to selling home consoles, portable consoles and games, the website is an amazing resource for a wide range of accessories that add extra features to any console.

There is an assortment of gadgets that add, for example, movie viewing capabilities to the Nintendo Game Boy, or extra memory to your Sony PlayStation Pro (PSP).

The latest gadget to appear on the website is a portable hard disk drive from Datel that adds 4GB of memory and a media player to the Nintendo DS platform.

The Datel 4GB Max Media Player comes pre-loaded with media browser software. Once plugged into the DS' game slot, it enables the gaming console to display photos and play movies and MP3 songs.

The extra memory is great for the DS platform, which has no memory extension slots.

The media player gives the DS features that it sorely lacked when compared to its main rival, the Sony PSP, which is equipped with multimedia capabilities and a Memory Stick expansion slot.

The Max Media Player pack (priced at $1,400) equals the playing field between the DS and the PSP, especially when you take into consideration the new DS Lite (featured below).

Incidentally, Datel also makes a 4GB hard disk drive expansion pack for the PSP.

In addition to these high-end add-ons, Lik-Sang also offers a range of new and older games from Japan and the US. It also sells a wide variety of accessories for all gaming consoles - including older Game Boy Advance models - as well as home consoles.

If you are interested in extending the capabilities of your gaming console, Lik-Sang is definitely worth a browse.

Where else can you transform your old Gameboy Advance into a portable MP3 and movie player?


Adds memory and media capabilities to Nintendo DS; loaded with media browser software


not cheap; adds bulk to the console

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