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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 22 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 22 February, 2006, 12:00am


This Lunar New Year holiday, I went hiking from Yuen Long to Sham Tseng with friends.

The weather was so good that we had a clear view to the other side of Hong Kong.

We started at 10 am and reached our destination at 7 pm. There we had a beautiful night view of Tsing Ma Bridge.

Hiking is a good way to make friends. I made some new friends on this trip.

Also, it is a way for people to escape the noise of the city and to appreciate nature. Nowadays people are blinded by material enjoyment and seldom get out to breathe fresh air.

Because hiking is a physical activity, it is also a good way to burn fat and get a healthy body.

Kenneth Tam

STFA Tam Pak Yu College


What is community service? To me, it means giving and not receiving anything in return. It's a way of showing our kindness and love to others, and an opportunity to demonstrate our humanity.

Doing community services might mean giving, but actually you receive a lot.

For example, you can develop your leadership skills, and you will gain self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. You will also get the chance to explore the real world outside school and might find a career path for yourself.

Whether you're young or old, everybody should do community service. As long as you have the ability to do something for others you're capable of being a volunteer.

You can do many things like selling flags on Flag Day. According to the Community Chest, more than 10,000 secondary students and volunteers take part in this event every year.

You can also share your knowledge with others by teaching them what you know and give your love to children who don't have anyone in this world, like children in an orphanage.

There are so many ways in which you can help those in need, but take the first step by being a volunteer. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Ramandeep Kaur

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College


My school is preparing its 25th anniversary celebrations. It is a very important event for the school and all students have to do a project which will be on display on Open Day in April.

My physics teacher wants my team to make a bicycle dynamo that can give out electricity to power lights on the front and back of the bicycle.

One of the ways of doing this is to add a motor to produce the electricity. But if we use a motor, you cannot see how it works.

Therefore we have to use a magnet even though it will increase the weight of the bicycle and produce less electricity than a motor.

I feel as though I've wasted my time doing this project as I think we would have got better results using a motor.

Sam Lam

STFA Tam Pak Yu College


I often ask myself why I have to live on the estate I live on.

My estate is old, cheap and dirty. While other estates have been developed, mine has been left behind.

There is lots of litter but no one clears it up. There are burn marks on the side of the lift.

The lights are very dim and some don't work, so it is very dark.

People throw rubbish out of the window and at night there's a lot of noise.

The worst thing is that there are gangsters and people taking drugs.

I hope that the government will improve our facilities soon and fine people who litter and break the law.

It's about time we lived on an estate fit for the 21st century.

Simon Tam

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College


Recently, my classmate read aloud her letter which was published in the Young Post.

It was about spending more time with her family as she had witnessed a touching scene at the airport where a girl was crying and hugging her mother as she left Hong Kong to go and continue her studies overseas.

That girl was my best friend and I felt so sorry that I could not see her off at the airport because I had to go to the mainland with my family.

I nearly cried as my classmate read the letter. I feel so sad that my friend has gone away.

We knew each other in secondary one, but we only became friends a year later.

We had a very good relationship and never argued. She's an optimistic person and never got angry even when I did something wrong. Maybe she was angry sometimes, but she never showed it. That was one of her strong points.

I am very sad that she has gone overseas, but I hope that she has a nice time there and comes back to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

I also want to say sorry to her that I could not go to the airport to see her off. I hope this message will reach her.


STFA Tam Pak Yu College