Other winners in the category

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 February, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 February, 2006, 12:00am

Hong Kong Productivity Council's BM-Combo The HKPC promotes productivity of local firms by providing support to enhance the value-added content of products and services, and increase international competitiveness. The judges said: 'The BM-COMBO is a compact waste water treatment system for industrial use. The innovation of the product is in its ability to treat high strength organic waste water using a small bioreactor. It has been in operation in a beverage manufacturer in Hong Kong [and] has potential for application in other facilities that are limited by space.'

RF Tech's Automated Passenger Management System (APMS) RF Tech is a fast-growing smart card and radio frequency identification (RFID) service provider and system integrator in Hong Kong. The judges said: 'APMS is designed for high volume self-service passenger clearance applications. It supports a variety of electronic identification document [ID cards or e-passport] and biometrics technologies. It has been installed at the Macau-Zhuhai border checkpoint and it has a high potential for use in other similar border checkpoints.'

Sun East Technology (Holdings') GENESIS Intelligence Lead-Free Hot Air Re-Flow System Model No: NT-8A-V3 Sun East is a diversified electronic manufacturing equipment supplier. It distributes electronic equipment through overseas brands and manufactures electronic equipment under its own brand name. The judges said: 'The product is a high performance power pump hot air reflow system for lead-free soldering of PCBs. The built-in intelligent temperature monitoring and profile management systems allow machine learning with artificial intelligence and optimisation of temperature profile to improve soldering quality, irrespective of the batch size. Lower-cost thermocouples are installed to facilitate temperature accuracy up to ?0.5 degree Celsius.'

Topfine Machinery (China's)

'A Series' Injection Moulding Machine Topfine is one of the largest plastic injection moulding and zinc alloy die-casting machine manufacturers in Hong Kong. It produces injection moulding machines in the range of 15 to 1,700 tonnes damping force

with shot capacity from 20 to 14,000 grams. The judges said:

'The 'A-Series' is a line of hydraulic-driven machines with many innovative features. These include a simple linear servo motor design and a novel locking unit system with enlarged space between tie bars to accommodate larger moulds. The 'A-Series' is extremely compact with performance comparable to its global competitors.'

Certificate of Merit winners

Dophen Engineering's Dophen CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Dophen specialises in manufacturing reliable, sophisticated and flexible CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Among its latest developments are CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System), ODM/OEM services, software development and automation engineering. The judges said: 'The machine is the first high precision one successfully developed by a local company. The patented 3-D Profile Measuring Device enables precision scanning. The machine is designed with due consideration in ergonomics, cost effectiveness, safety and environmental impact.'

HKC Technology's AK IP64 HKC Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed HKC International Holdings. HKC has been a major telecommunications equipment supplier in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. It is now one of the leading IT solution providers in China with business in telecommunication, computer network, security, enterprise software and RFID/AIDC. It also provides network services, cabling services, and voice mail, recording, video-conference and security systems. The judges said: 'The product is an innovative application of existing Wi-fi and IP technologies to create a flexible PBX system. It uses a single LAN/Wi-fi infrastructure to provide both telephone (PSTN & VoIP) and data/internet services. Product innovation includes the proprietary Jitter Buffering algorithm to improve the voice quality over the wireless link, and the logical extension of the telephone system via the internet.'

Housely Industries' Air to Air Heat Recovery Ventilator Housely specialises in producing a variety of household appliances. It has more than 1,000 workers in China and 20 staff in Hong Kong, with an annual turnover that exceeds $2 billion. The judges said: '[The ventilator] consists of a filter, fan and heat exchanger. Fresh air from the outside is channelled indoors as stale air is extracted outdoors. The heat exchanger provides some degree of energy recovery and leads to saving in energy cost that is used to cool and dehumidify indoor air. The product has market potential in Hong Kong and abroad.'

Objective Solutions' Jewelry ERP System The company provides consulting services in object-oriented technology. It has a team of software engineers able to design and develop complex engineering systems. The judges said: 'The industrial trading practice [of the local jewellery industry] is unique and many off-the-shelf systems, although expensive, cannot actually match the specific need of the industry. The [ERP System] greatly enhances the speed of operation and services while retaining the competitive characteristic of the trade.'

Spectra Technologies Holdings' CREON POS Terminal Spectra is a leader in design and development of electronic transaction solutions. Among its innovations are the world's first integrated cordless transaction solution, self-service electronic transaction solution, security magnetic card reader and detachable IC card and SAM card module. The judges said: 'CREON is a handheld point of-sale terminal incorporating a keypad, an LCD display, IC/magnetic strip card reader and a thermal printer. It was designed to meet the EMV security standard, which is the next generation of security protocol required by banks and financial institutions for credit card transactions.'