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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 March, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 March, 2006, 12:00am

Try to be an angel

Recently, my schoolmate said something awful to me, and I felt very angry about it.

For a while I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I hated my schoolmate. Did she know how unhappy she made me?

Then, I thought about why I cared so much - it was just a few words and a small frustration

in life.

Have you ever done something bad to someone? Have you made someone upset, angry, unhappy or sad?

I know I have, and only now do I regret it.

I have made a promise to myself: I will be like an angel to others. I will try to make others happy, and offer help to those who need it.

I will comfort them when they feel sad, encourage them when they feel helpless.

I'll be like an angel looking after them.

Leung Li-ling

Our Lady of the Rosary College

Judo is good for mind and body

Do you like taking part in exciting and challenging sports? If you do but find that kickboxing is too aggressive, judo could be the sport for you.

Judo teaches a safe style of combat, which helps you understand the importance of courtesy and respect.

It's good for us to learn to respect others and be a gentle and considerate person.

I used to do judo, but my parents stopped me from going to classes. I think most parents prefer their children to focus on their schoolwork rather than extra-curricular activities.

But judo can teach us to overcome our shortcomings by developing a strong will and determination.

This is something you can't learn from books.

Practising judo is not only good for your health, it also helps strengthen your mind.

Tracy Cheung

Leung Shek Chee College

Having regrets is a learning experience

I was impressed by the letter written by my fellow Form Four schoolmates. The letter was read out by our school principal during general assembly.

The letter was about their teacher, Mrs Lam, who resigned recently.

The students expressed their regret at how they behaved in Mrs Lam's lessons. They blamed themselves as one of the possible causes of her decision to quit and asked the principal to urge her not to leave.

But it is too late. Mrs Lam has already quit.

But I appreciate the students' effort. They had the courage to admit they behaved badly.

But will they behave well in Mrs Lam's lessons if she comes back?

People are always like that - they never treasure the things they have. But when they lose it, they regret it and try to get it back.

If Mrs Lam comes back, her class may behave well at the beginning, but they will probably go back to acting badly soon afterwards.

I think it's good that my schoolmates are having regrets. They will learn to treasure what they have.

They might be motivated to work harder and behave better because they have already lost one good teacher.

Mrs Lam can get on with her new work knowing her last class appreciated her.

Sometimes regret can be bring about something positive.

Winky Cheung

Methodist College

EQ versus IQ

If a fairy offered you an outstanding IQ or brilliant EQ, which would you choose?

Many people would choose IQ as they think it is very important.

But EQ is just as crucial. When you are interviewed for a job, an employer will note your conduct.

If you scored a 'D' on your conduct record, the boss will not employ you even if you got straight As in the exams.

A high EQ score shows you know how to control our emotions. I would choose EQ over IQ.

Karen Cheung

St Teresa Secondary School

Chinese skaters do us proud

After reading about this year's Winter Olympics (South China Morning Post, February 15), I was impressed with the sportsmanship shown by Chinese skaters, particularly in the figure skating event.

Zhang Dan showed admirable determination when she failed a difficult jump, hurt herself but carried on with the competition.

Zhang Dan and her partner Zhang Hao were trying the unprecedented throw quad salchow when she fell and crashed into the sideboards.

She was in great pain, and the pair left the rink for several minutes, only to return for a performance that won them a silver medal.

It was very brave of the skaters to not give up. Zhang Dan overcame the pain and Zhang Hao gave her the support she needed to continue.

I admire these two skaters and think they deserve their medal.

The Olympic Games are not only about winning a prize and honour, they are also about the spirit and co-operation shown by the competitors.

Lily So Yat-lai

Law Ting Pong Secondary School