Police hunt suspected killer in guesthouses

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 March, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 March, 2006, 12:00am

Police were searching guesthouses across the city last night for a mainlander suspected of hacking his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend to death in front of her eight-year-old son and elderly mother.

Border crossings were also on high alert for Zhou Xipeng, 42, who arrived from Guizhou on Sunday, the day before the double killing in Shamshuipo.

It is understood the man is also known as He Lilin, aged 39, under another mainland identity.

Investigators believe he injured his finger in Monday's attack.

Yesterday's search involved officers from the Police Tactical Unit. It was extended to other areas after it failed to find the suspect in Shamshuipo.

Assistant Shamshuipo district commander Superintendent David Cameron said the hunt was continuing last night. Another officer said beat police were looking out for the man.

Yesterday morning, officers from the force's identification bureau conducted inquiries at the Yee Kuk Street flat in Shamshuipo where Wu Pui, 33, and her boyfriend, Kwun Man-kin, 37, were chopped to death on Monday night. Investigators said they seized a wig used by the suspect to disguise himself as a woman and a blood-stained knife at the scene.

The man followed the boy and the child's 65-year-old grandmother into the flat when the boy returned from school at 3.30pm. He tied up the boy and grandmother and waited for his former girlfriend.

The attack happened about five hours later when Wu and Kwun returned at 8.30pm.

After the attack, the culprit fled and the boy and his grandmother untied themselves and called police.

Mr Cameron said investigations indicated a former love affair was the motive for the attack.

The mainlander, a two-way permit holder, was wearing a blue and white-checked shirt and blue jeans.

The grandmother, who came from the mainland to visit Wu, suffered an arm injury and was recovering in hospital last night.

The boy, who was uninjured but witnessed the killings, was under observation at Caritas Medical Centre.

A spokeswoman for the Social Welfare Department said counselling was being offered to the boy.