Polytechnic to hold big festival

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 December, 1993, 12:00am

THE best Hong Kong Polytechnic students and lecturers will emerge next month at the Polytechnic Festival '93.

The festival, held every three years, will be the largest-scale event ever held by the student union.

Divided into two parts, the festival will include a series of pre-open day programmes (from next Monday to December 10) for students to take part in.

Activities include an exhibition, debate, forum, club performances, student union profile, song dedication, fund-raising bargain, games competition, art fair, marathon and a fund-raising ball.

But the climax of the festival will not come until the open day on December 11 and 12.

There will be sports competitions, a variety show and polling for the best students and lecturers.

''The Miss Polytechnic Festival and Mr Polytechnic Festival will not be a beauty contest, but an election of the best students,'' said Andrew Chu of the festival's organising committee.

''Unlike Miss Hong Kong or Miss Asia competitions, the Miss and Mr Polytechnic Festivals will pay attention to the participants' academic performance and participation in extra-curricular activities rather than their appearances.'' This will be the first student contest to be held at the institution. Besides, there will be several other awards for lecturers.

''The elections will stimulate students to care about their schoolmates and lecturers and to thank the teaching staff for their assistance,'' Andrew said.

He said six divisional students' associations would organise programmes for the public and courses would be introduced to give visitors a clearer picture of the institution.

Interesting topics concerning Hong Kong and personality development will be held to stimulate critical thinking and social awareness.

Topics will include ''Scientific Daily Life'', ''Everybody Has His or Her Way'', ''Aware, Understand and Contribute'', ''How to Construct'', ''Engineering Project'' and ''The Origin of Health''.

''This year's festival will give us a chance to rethink, or even re-establish, our role as well as the polytechnic's.

''We hope to foster a sense of belonging towards the institute and student union. We also want to convey the academic characteristics and achievements of the institute to the public.'' Another highlight of the festival will be a variety show which will give students a chance to show off their talent. Pop artistes will also be invited to take part.

Tours will be organised to help visitors get a clearer picture of the campus and the festival.