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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 March, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 March, 2006, 12:00am

Q What do you think of the city's water quality?

Tap water in Hong Kong is not that clean. I use a water filter at home for drinking water, and unfiltered water is used only for cooking and brushing our teeth. If I turn off the filtering system and taste the water, it has a bit of soil taste in it. The difference between unfiltered and filter water is very noticeable.

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Q How can animal welfare be improved?

It is terrible to hear the news that a dog had its legs chopped off and was dumped in a rubbish tip. How can the owner of Pan Pan do such things? According to Peter Yim, the chief executive of Love Pet Action, pet owners may dump pets amid the spread of H5N1.

Despite the fact that the owners are afraid of getting the deadly disease, their pets should not be dumped. Animals, especially pets, are friends of humans. How can those cruel owners dump their friends in the rubbish bin? These days, people are becoming selfish. They only care about themselves. In my view, the government should increase the penalty for pet owners who dump their pets. I hope the government will take action, and pet owners will treasure their pets instead of hurting or abandoning them.

Calvin Law, Chai Wan

I am tired of people constantly criticising the SPCA. They do an amazing job in the face of adversity - in a city where the vast majority of the population have a positive dislike to dogs and mistreat cats. Believe me, I have to take the time out almost daily to re-educate ignorant non-animal owners that dogs do not bite unless provoked.

If anything, the SPCA needs further funding to be able to carry on its good work.

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I agree that we should stop bashing the SPCA, which does a very good job under difficult circumstances. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is a different story. Its top management appears indifferent to the widespread public appeals for more to be done for animal protection.

Last year I wrote to the department and suggested it host an interactive website where people who lost (or found) pets can post messages and photographs. The AFCD dismissed the idea as 'all too difficult and too costly'. However, when I wrote to the SPCA suggesting this a few weeks ago it embraced the idea. Please give the SPCA all your support. And to those of you at the top of the AFCD, do something to protect animals.

P.A. Crush, Sha Tin

Q Would you visit Disney again within three months?

I will not go to Disneyland again. Everyone wants to enjoy the games at the park. However, Disneyland's management system is a failure. Visitors have to queue up for a long time before they can play the games. And I do not feel comfortable there because it is very crowded.

I think I will only go back to Disneyland again if it is better managed and it becomes bigger.

Boris Chan, Ho Man Tin

To compete with Ocean Park, Disneyland has a new arrangement for Hong Kong residents and tourists. From now until the end of June, local residents who go to Disneyland can go to the park again free.

This special offer is not attractive because I have visited Disneyland before and it is a bit boring to go again. However, I believe 'Double the Magic' is a good strategy, which can attract more citizens to visit Disneyland.

Ada Kwong Yan-yee, Kwun Tong

Q Will sodium information make you change your diet?

Maybe we are eating too much sodium but be careful about swinging to the opposite extreme. Sodium is essential to energy production in muscle cells, also to the even distribution of fluids, making it easier for the heart to pump blood. Inadequate sodium can lead to more serious and less easily managed chronic problems than elevated blood pressure. In any event, most people's kidneys are efficient at getting rid of any excess sodium.

Paul Flynn, Clear Water Bay

Q Is the barcode system for exam papers a good idea?

I don't think so. Secondary school principals have said that this new system will cause chaos. This year's public exam candidates now do not have time to familiarise themselves with the new procedures because they have left school to prepare for the exams. Besides, there has not been enough publicity about the new system. The addition of the manual step to put stickers on exam papers is likely to bring more human errors. On the whole, I don't think the barcode system is a good idea.

Queenie Au Kan-yee, Siu Sai Wan