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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 March, 2006, 12:00am

Do you know the difference between 'anger' and 'angry'?

Anger (n) - a feeling of displeasure

Anger is disapproval about an action or situation.

Angry (adj) - irate

Someone who is angry shows strong emotions that make them want to shout at someone

Legislators yesterday voiced anger over a reported security loophole in a new checkpoint building under construction at Lok Ma Chau, which could mean travellers enter Hong Kong without going through immigration. They demanded an urgent revision of the building's design and also asked the government for a thorough report.

(From an article by Ng Kang-chung, published in the South China Morning Post on January 25, 2006)

The education minister unveiled an independent commission to investigate teachers' workload and pressure, a day after thousands of teachers and their families marched to voice their anger at the pace of education reforms. The head of the Professional Teachers' Union, which organised Sunday's march, called the government's move a disappointment.

(From an article by Will Clem, published in the Post on January 24, 2006)

In an earlier study of 300 people, published in 2000, Dr Miller found people with heart disease laughed less and displayed more anger and hostility than healthy people. The most significant finding was that 'people with heart disease responded less humorously to everyday life situations', he said.

(From an article by Jeremy Laurance, The Independent, published in the Post on January 22, 2006)

But the one event that really counts is the bull riding. In this event, participants have to ride on the back of an angry, bucking bull for eight seconds. Women have to last for six. There is only one woman bull rider this weekend. Elodie Hutner, 41, a solid-looking woman from California, has been taking part in these events for six years. 'I like the camaraderie of the rodeo,' she says.

(From an article by Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, published in the Post on January 22, 2006)

Teachers were still angry about comments made by Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun following the suicide of two teachers earlier this month. 'Mrs Law has to use real actions to apologise, to use real actions to resolve the problem of teacher pressure,' Mr Cheung said.

(From an article by Will Clem and Nora Tong, published in the Post on January 21, 2006)

The six countries - the two Koreas, host China, Japan, Russia and the United States - are due to meet early this year to try to make progress on the North Korean nuclear issue. The future of talks is uncertain because North Korea is angry at a Washington crackdown on its finances because of suspected counterfeiting, money laundering and involvement in the drug trade.

(From agencies in Seoul and Beijing, published in the Post on January 19, 2006)

Fill in the blanks with the correct word: anger or angry.

1. The woman is ___________ with her husband for forgetting their anniversary.

2. His family helped him to deal with the grief and __________ he felt after his dad's death.

3. His discriminatory comment is sure to make a lot of women ___________.

4. The _________ man kicked the car door after the vehicle broke down.

5. The Hospital Authority has sparked __________ among overworked doctors.

6. She could hardly contain her ___________ over her co-workers who took long breaks.

Answer: 1. angry 2. anger 3. angry 4. angry 5. anger 6. anger