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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 01 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 01 April, 2006, 12:00am

What did you think about the mock-interview experience?

Xiao Rui (third-year student, BBA Law, University of Hong Kong): It was fun, and I am glad the judges asked each candidate customised questions. For me, it showed that the judges were also interested in personality and way of thinking, and were not just looking for a certain response. They were digging out an individual's potential.

Lam Hiu-ching (second-year student, Bachelor of Business Administration, City University): It was the first time that I had been in a group interview. I found this element of the mock interview a very interesting experience, and even though other competitors were present, I was not nervous.

To Tsz-chung (first-year student, Global Business Studies, City University): It was a pleasurable and a rare experience. It is not often that you have a chance to be in a mock interview with HR professionals as judges. It also gave me an opportunity to compare my skills and abilities with those of other candidates.

What was most valuable about the experience?

Xiao Rui: [I learnt] how to excel in a group situation within a limited time. It was important to stand out and I learnt that the way to do this was to give very specific answers with clear points. It allowed me to identify my strengths more clearly.

Lam Hiu-ching: I found the timely response aspect to be the most valuable for effective communication. As students, we often have a lot of time to prepare for exams, for example, but in the real world this is not always possible. It is important to have the skills to give a meaningful answer in time.

To Tsz-chung: I have been to other interviews but found this format to be more formal. The judges asked challenging questions and gave difficult scenarios for us to respond to. This is valuable because now I know how to prepare better for interviews.

In what way has the competition benefited you?

Xiao Rui: It has been a great opportunity to practise my job-seeking and interview skills, and it has also allowed me to meet new people.

Lam Hiu-ching: I think that all of the stages of the competition have been beneficial, especially the mock-interview and the Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) test. The first helped me understand more about how to prepare for the job interview. The latter is a recognised test for language ability and reminded me of the importance of maintaining high language standards.

To Tsz-chung: The whole competition has been a good experience and I feel that the BULATS was very beneficial in understanding business English standards and in having my capabilities tested. All the elements of the competition do help you in the job-hunting process.

Note: These students were chosen at random by the journalist