Rugby World Cup

rugby union

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 02 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 April, 2006, 12:00am


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1 Which country will host the Rugby World Cup in 2007?

2 In what year did Italy join Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and France to form the Six Nations Championship?

3 Which national team are nicknamed 'the Oaks'?

4 At which ground did England lose the Five Nations Championship grand slam decider in 1990?

5 Which two teams traditionally compete for the Bledisoe Cup?

6 Which player holds the record for scoring the most international tries?

7 The fastest try ever scored in the Rugby World Cup was by Elton Flatley for Australia in 2003 after how long: a) 18 seconds b) 28 seconds c) 38 seconds?

8 Which trophy do the winners of the Rugby Union World Cup receive?

9 Which team won the Olympic gold for rugby union in Paris in 1924, the last time the sport featured in the Games?

10 Who was former Scotland captain Gavin Hastings referring to when he said: 'There's no doubt about it; he's a big bastard'?

Solution: 1 France 2 2000 3 Romania 4 Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh 5 Australia and New Zealand 6 Australia's David Campese (64) 7 a) 18 seconds 8 The William Webb Ellis Trophy 9 The United States 10 New Zealand's Jonah Lomu.