Do you like watching horror movies?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 April, 2006, 12:00am

Name: Nicole Fu

Age: 16

Top tunes: Twins' songs

I seldom watch horror movies because I sometimes have nightmares afterwards. It also makes me feel afraid at night, especially when I go to sleep. I saw a Japanese horror movie recently, One Missed Call, and it was really scary. Japanese horror films scare me the most.

Name: Melissa Lai

Age: 16

Top tunes: Jay Chow's songs

I sometimes watch horror movies, but never alone. I saw Eye 10 recently and it was very scary. In one scene, actress Isabella Leung appeared suddenly from nowhere and I was really scared.

Name: Timothy Lai

Age: 14

Top tunes: Pop music

I don't like watching horror movies because they are too scary. But sometimes I watch them in the cinema with friends - their presence makes me feel better. Actually, I haven't seen a horror movie for months. The last one I saw was Reincarnation, a Japanese film.

Name: Ronnie Ho

Age: 14

Top tunes: Rap

I like watching horror movies and I've seen quite a lot, even though they scare me at times. It's better to have someone with you when you are seeing such a movie. I think Japanese horror movies are much more frightening than their Hong Kong or Hollywood versions. Hollywood films are usually gruesome, but not so scary.

Name: Sam


Top tunes: Pop music

I don't like horror movies, because they make me uncomfortable. I remember watching one or two horror movies, but I can't recall their names. I prefer comedies because they help people to relax.