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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 April, 2006, 12:00am

Toys and gadgets to keep little ones busy for hours

Wiggles Rock and Roll drum ($200) from Toys Club

Let your young Wiggles fan drum along to six popular Wiggles tunes.

Like a Bike ($2,680) from little misses & mini masters

This wooden bike without pedals is said to improve children?s motor skills and sense of balance so they won?t need training wheels when the time comes for a real bike.

V.Smile Pocket ($899.90) from Toys ?R? Us

A portable educational game with a large, high-resolution screen. Different learning cartridges feature English, maths, science, art, colour, shapes and music. The game can also be connected to a television. Suitable for ages five to nine. Another version, V.Smile ($599.90)(right), is suitable for ages three to seven.

Stats Putter Trainer Set ($99.90) from Toys ?R? Us

Budding golfers can work on their putting at home.Suitable for ages three and above.

Mini Splash Wheeler ($199.90) from Toys ?R? Us

It can spin 360 degrees on land or in water.

Leapster Multimedia Learning System ($799.90) from Toys ?R? Us

Encourages reading, maths and creative thinking through games, electronic books, works of art and interactive videos. Suitable for ages four to eight.

Two-in-one Sudoku and Minesweeper ($59.90)from Toys ?R? Us

It automatically generates puzzles, has nine game levels and allows auto checking. It also saves and recalls up to nine games, so the whole family can have a game going. Suitable for ages eight and above.

Zoob the Game ($180) from Toys Club

It challenges children to use strategy as they race to collect pieces and creation cards to put together a secret Zoob creation.

WriteStart ($110) and ReadStart ($110) from Toys Club

A mark-on and wipe-off book packed with activities to help with early learning. It features Mac the Cat and a fun phonics card game. The WriteStart version has 24 pages of activities that take children from scribble to script. Suitable for ages three to six.

Deluxe Spirograph ($120) from Toys Club

Children can express their artistic talents by matching gears and patterns to make their own unique creations.

Kakuro ($99.90) from Toys 'R' Us

Derived from Sudoku, the game encourages mathematical skills and logical thinking. The aim is to fill all the blank squares in the grid with the numbers one to nine so that they add up to the corresponding clues.

Bruin 2-in-1 telephone and piano ($99.90) from Toys 'R' Us

This fun toy is a telephone on one side and a piano on the other.

Big Performance Game, $170 from Toys Club

Players have to learn and perform steps and collect all required items to take ballet classes and perform at the Royal Theatre. It has a dual number colour spinner to suit even those who are not counting yet. Suitable for ages three and above.

Da Vinci's Challenge ($199) from Stepping Stones

In this strategy game, players take turns placing shpaes on the board and reveal different patterns to solve the hidden mystery and score points with complex designs. Suitable for ages eight and above.