Fashion flash

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 April, 2006, 12:00am

Creations to make your children stand out from the crowd

Short-sleeved shirt ($525) from Evisu

T-shirt ($550) from Hysteric Mini

T-shirt ($1,200) from Evisu

Vest ($600) from Hysteric Mini

Windbreaker ($1,180) from Hysteric Mini

Cotton skirt ($230) from Mothercare

Baby shoes ($330) from Harvey Nichols

Floral hat ($290) from Harvey Nichols

Belt ($390) from Harvey Nichols

Escada dress with diaper pants ($1,000) from Borocco

Floral dress ($1,250) from Harvey Nichols

Black slippers ($450) from Hysteric Mini

Embroidered canvas shoes ($289) from Footstop

Sandals ($539) from Footstop

Shorts with star embroidery ($980) from Hysteric Mini

Christian Dior skirt ($1,550) from Borocco

Printed shorts ($160) from Mothercare

Christian Dior pram suit ($950) from Borocco

Diesel chain ($250) from Harvey Nichols

Diesel cap ($190) from Harvey Nichols

Handbag ($650) from Evisu

Christian Dior T-shirt ($900) from Borocco

I Pinco Pallino vest ($1,350) from Borocco

GF Ferre vest ($750) from Borocco

Christian Dior blouse ($850) from Borocco

Leather sandals ($525) from Footstop

Jeans ($3,025) from Evisu

Dragon jacket ($2,650) from Evisu

Denim jacket ($980) from Evisu

Pop-on Bibs ($110) from Footstop

Tote bag ($450) from Harvey Nichols