In Brief

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, 12:00am

Law society plans for next chief executive poll

The Law Society plans to field about 10 candidates for the 20 seats allocated to the legal sector in the Election Committee to return the next chief executive, its president Peter Lo Chi-lik confirmed yesterday. Mr Lo said the Law Society wanted independent representatives on the 800-strong body that selects the chief executive.

kcrc endorses report on Fracture blunders

The government will start evaluating the KCRC's report on the East Rail's equipment fracture blunders after the company's managing board - including James Blake, who will take over as chief executive on May 1 - endorsed the report. It is understood the cracks were a result of 'a combination of circumstances', which was depicted earlier as consisting of the train's acceleration and deceleration rate, the suspension system and the roughness of the rail track.

Fresh blood, not births, to meet talent demand

The government has admitted that its efforts to increase the birthrate to meet long-term demand for talent would not be effective. Lau Siu-kai, head of the Central Policy Unit, said short-term family-friendly measures the government could take to encourage a higher birthrate included introducing flexible working hours for women, encouraging in-office nurseries and educating the public that having babies would 'improve people's love lives'. But Professor Lau admitted that 'the only way to fight an ageing society is to attract fresh blood and talents from other places, especially the mainland'.

party boosts coffers

The Civic Party's first street recruitment and fundraising exercise over the weekend netted $66,727.10. A campaign with the Democratic Party to encourage voter registration will be launched today at 1pm by Immigration Tower in Wan Chai.