HK Electric to increase prices

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 December, 1993, 12:00am

HOUSEHOLDS and businesses served by the Hongkong Electric Company face higher bills from January 1.

The company has decided to raise its average net tariff by 3.5 cents per unit, equivalent to a 4.7 per cent increase.

However, customers of China Light and Power (CLP) can look forward to no rise at this stage.

A spokesman for the Hongkong Electric Company said the increase was made necessary by an expansion of services to meet a growing demand for electricity as well as inflationary pressures.

''With this new increase, our average net tariffs will have risen only 28 per cent since January 1983, while the Consumer Price Index (A) has increased over 100 per cent during the same period,'' he said.

Further charges were also in the pipeline as part of the company's policy of encouraging energy conservation.

''No tariff increases will apply for certain low levels of consumption. However, progressively higher tariff increases will apply for higher levels of consumption. The company will gain no extra profit from these tariff structure changes,'' added the spokesman.

''For domestic customers using 150 units or less per month there will be no increase in their electricity bills next year.

''This group of consumers accounts for 25 per cent of our total domestic customers. Another 30 per cent of domestic customers, who consume between 151 and 300 units a month, will see their monthly electricity bills rise by no more than 2.4 per cent in 1994.''