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PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 May, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 May, 2006, 12:00am

Friday, May 12, 8-8.30pm

21st Century Garden Art

The Water Gardens of Anthony Paul

ATV World

In a sheltered valley in the county of Surrey lies England's most beautiful sculpture park.

The area has been laid out by New Zealand garden architect Anthony Paul. The sculptures have been selected by his wife, gallery owner Hannah Peschar.

With the help of perfect teamwork, Hannah and Anthony have turned their 'Black and White Cottage' into the most beautiful sculpture park in England.

Even Prince Charles visited the natural garden with its wonderful sculptures, mostly created by young people from England.

About 120 pieces of art are arranged in the park. Anthony has done everything to supply them with the perfect scenery. He has also reduced the number of flowering plants so as to prevent them from competing with the sculptures. His favourites for this purpose are plants and shrubs with interesting leaf structures.

Saturday, May 13, 10-11pm

National Geographic: The Lost Gospel of Judas

ATV World

What if an ancient gospel were rediscovered, offering a radically different perspective of a man that history has painted as the ultimate villain? What if this account turned Jesus' betrayal on its head, and the villain became a hero?

The Lost Gospel of Judas is an exclusive, two-hour film that traces the incredible story of the Gospel of Judas, its recent authentication process and analysis, and key insights gleaned from its translation and interpretation.

The ancient document, the only known surviving copy of the Gospel of Judas, was introduced to the public at a press conference at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.

The Gospel of Judas presents a lost version of the last days of Jesus, and uses dramatic recreations to clarify the complex story of the earliest days of Christianity.

Sunday, May 14, 9.30-11.55pm

Mission Impossible

TVB Pearl

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

and his colleagues are sent to Prague to retrieve a list containing the top undercover agents in the world and discover who the buyers and sellers are.

When Ethan is the only agent who survives the assignment, his superiors suspect that he has betrayed them. To prove his loyalty, Ethan must embark on an impossible mission to find the truth.

Mission Impossible, based on the hit TV series, was directed by the modern master of suspense Brian De Palma. Several scenes from the film (including the dazzling computer theft scene and an explosive runaway train climax) have already become classics of 90s cinema. It remains one of Cruise's highest-grossing films.

Monday, May 15, 8.30-9pm

Opening Soon: By Design - Equinox Gym, South Beach

ATV World

Architect Paul Boardman is on a crunched deadline to open a high-end gym in trendy South Beach by September and he's already worried because the construction crews aren't in yet.

Plus, Equinox is already selling memberships for September, but they're not selling well.

Paul says the worst thing you can do is open late and ruin your reputation, but Equinox memberships are almost twice that of the other local gyms.

Gyms also present a unique set of challenges for an architect. For instance, sound plays a big role; you want high energy in the cardio area, but serenity in the spa area.

How will they achieve this in an open concept loft space? Will construction be done in time and will Equinox be able to break into this new market with an upscale fitness concept?

Sure the imported Italian glass tiles will be gorgeous in the locker room, if enough people are even using it.

Tuesday, May 16, 8.30-9.35pm

Top 10 Comic Book Heroes

TVB Pearl

Presented by the legendary

Dr Who, Tom Baker, this programme takes viewers on a captivating countdown that uncovers the stories behind the masks and capes.

What is it about these superheroes that fascinates people, and how were these characters and their superpowers born?

Some interesting facts revealed in the programme include: Batman and his loyal sidekick, Robin, used to be called Eagleman and Mercury; the trademark red and yellow badge displayed on Superman's chest was based on the New York Police Department's logo; and Spider-Man once had a Spider-mobile - a beach buggy adorned with red and blue webbing.

Wednesday, May 17, 8-8.30pm

Notebooks from Japan

TVB Pearl

Inns & Travellers

From the 17th to the 19th century, the Tokaido road - which links Tokyo to Kyoto and runs alongside the Pacific Ocean - was the country's main means of communication.

At the time, Kyoto lost its capital status and Tokyo, which was then called Edo, was built to replace it.

This was the result of a change in power: The Emperor was in Kyoto, while the military chief, who had become the country's new leader or shogun, settled in Edo. The noblemen who resided in Kyoto had to leave a member of their family in Edo as a hostage and live there every other year.

All their travels between the two cities, together with their soldiers and servants as well as the merchants, made Tokaido the busiest road in the country.

Thursday, May 18, 4-4.15pm

Ebb and Flo

ATV World

Based on the beautifully illustrated books by Jane Simmons, Ebb and Flo is a charming animated series about friendship and discovery.

Five-year-old Flo and her adoring dog (and best friend) Ebb live in a boat on the river with Flo's mother. They are an inseparable pair who share a captivating friendship.

Life is never dull. Ebb doesn't like change of any kind and when new things happen, like the arrival of a sweet-natured goose named Bird, it takes her a while to get used to them.

Only then can she learn to like them.

Ebb's happiest times are those spent with Flo in their rowing boat - Ebb sitting in her favourite spot up at the front, watching the world go by.

Ebb adores Flo and Flo can't remember life without Ebb; it's as if she's always been there.