Never heard insult or hostility

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1993, 12:00am

MR S.L. Koo writes in your December 6 issue, that ''smearing, exaggeration, distortion, insult, and hostility'' from ''foreign'' pressure groups is unacceptable. Neither I, nor I am sure would any of the other groups mentioned, disagree with such a statement. However, Mr Koo felt there was a need to make the comment. A need which I cannot see.

In the instance to which I believe Mr Koo is referring, animal welfare groups in Hong Kong were alerted to conditions for animals in Chinese zoos by the Chinese press. I visited the Xili Lake Zoo in Shenzhen with the International Fund for Animal Welfareto see for myself the conditions for the animals. I have also been present when representatives of IFAW and the RSPCA gave interviews to the press. Never have I heard insult or hostility; I take exception to the implication that there has been, or ever would be, exaggeration or distortion.

A journalist from the South China Morning Post accompanied us, and video footage taken during that visit to Xili Lake has been distributed worldwide by Reuters. Had there been any distortion on our part, it would have been quickly pointed out by the press. The Hong Kong RSPCA has over 20,000 members, 90 per cent of whom are Chinese; it does not consider itself to be a ''foreign'' pressure group.

It stands fully behind the constructive and moderate suggestions made by IFAW and Zoocheck on the matter of the Xili Lake Zoo.

STEVEN LEWIS Honorary Secretary RSPCA