PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 May, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 21 May, 2006, 12:00am

For your latest show, you're giving away about 6,000 poster-sized copies of the exhibits. Tell us about the exhibition:

Para/Site Art Space curator Tobias Berger:

'Free New Zealand Art was my final exhibition as director of Artspace in Auckland a year ago. It was a chance to say thank you to artists and audiences for their support. I asked 12 artists - a range of established, mid-career and young artists - to design a poster that would be printed in an edition of 4,000 each, representing the diverse New Zealand contemporary art scene.

'The selection of artists wasn't easy, as there are so many creating fascinating work. One, in particular, needs to be mentioned: Gordon Walters (1919-95), a pioneer of modernist abstraction in New Zealand, was included not only for his enormously influential use of the Maori koru motif in his graphic work (right), but also because of the high prices of his works.

'For an average New Zealander, the works are impossible to acquire, which is precisely the intention of Free New Zealand Art - to stimulate discussion about art, its distribution, value, and the real essence of an artwork.

'Does every artwork have to be unique? Is an edition worth as much as an original? Can certain works only exist as an edition - like Billy Apple's work for this exhibition? Press coverage tends to focus on the newest sales records rather than exhibitions.

'Free New Zealand Art is an opportunity to proclaim once again that art should be for all, and, preferably, free for all.'