Brett Prebble

Prebble's landmark win as ugly as they come

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 May, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 May, 2006, 12:00am

It was probably the ugliest success of Brett Prebble's local career but Bodacious landed the Australian jockey his 100th local winner yesterday, a personal landmark to put the icing on a memorable season.

David Hall-trained Bodacious shares his name with a famous Brahman bull in the United States who was declared 'unridable' on the rodeo circuit, and while the equine version was not looking unridable yesterday, Prebble still finished the event minus his whip and a stirrup iron.

When he had lost his whip at the 100 metres, Prebble told the stewards, his left foot had moved position within the stirrup but he continued to ride the horse out which resulted in his foot coming out altogether before the finish.

Victory for Prebble and Bodacious was a win for perseverance and the surgeon's knife, as Hall was quick to admit the recent gelding of the horse had been the key to turning him around after more than two years without success.

'Now he's had three runs since he was gelded for two wins and the run the other day when he missed the start badly,' Hall said. 'I was a bit disappointed at what happened last start so we took him back to the barriers for some practice but he hasn't shown there's a problem. Today he jumped well and I think that was probably a one-off.'

The trainer's confidence took a hit with the pouring rain and softened track and Prebble said Bodacious 'only just' handled the wet ground.

'I wasn't sure how he'd cope with it when the going got as bad as it did,' Hall said. 'But he's starting to look quite flexible now. Even before he was gelded, I did think he worked like a decent Class Four horse, so now that he's putting it together like this I think there could be another win left in him in this grade.'