Tickets for Sevens won't be at sixes this year

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1993, 12:00am

A RECORD 17,000 tickets will be available to the Hong Kong public for next year's Sevens at the new 40,000-capacity stadium.

Organisers are sticking to the formula employed for the last two years of selling the tickets on a specific date at a chosen venue.

Last time, about 13,000 tickets were allocated to the Hong Kong public.

Tickets will go on sale at Victoria Park at 8 am on January 30, and another picnic-type queue is expected to start forming on the night before the booths open.

Of 14,800 adult and 2,200 child tickets available to the public, 9,000 will be for members of rugby clubs and 8,000 sold at Victoria Park.

While 13,000 tickets will be distributed overseas, 1,500 go to Wembley's 50 executive suite holders and a further 1,500 are available for players, press and roving seats.

The remaining 7,000 are for Hong Kong Rugby Football Union's patrons.

Donated tickets will again benefit charities by being sold off to desperate rugby buffs willing to pay anything to secure a seat.

The total seats available this year is a record 40,000, which constitutes a packed stadium.

The current system of selling tickets was devised after two years of mayhem when tickets got into the hands of touts, who sold them for exorbitant prices resulting in many people missing the famous event.

However, Sevens organisers, early this year, hinted another change in the system was being considered when about 370 tickets went unsold after the public sale at Victoria Park.

This year's tickets cost $350 for adults and $150 for children.

''We took a lot of aspects into consideration when pricing the tickets and we think it is very reasonable. There are other sports events that cost more.''