PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 May, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 May, 2006, 12:00am

Guests, parents, teachers and students took part in the opening ceremony of our school's new English Corner on March 29. There were poetry recitals, and members of the English Society sang a song to mark the occasion.

The former English Corner was in the school hall and was not easily accessible for students. The new area - the size of a large classroom - is located near the covered playground, where a lot of children gather during recess and for extra-curricular activities after school.

We want students to feel that they are welcome and comfortable as they learn the language.

The room contains books and a large sofa, providing students an opportunity to read in a relaxed atmosphere.

They can also bring their own books to the English Corner and read them at their leisure.

There are two notebook computers, a TV, a DVD player, and a selection of board games which the students can use to improve their language skills.

We want them to realise that English need not be boring and the best way to learn the language is to enjoy what they are doing. English is the 'first language' in our Corner and we hope that all students and staff will visit this space and have a wonderful experience.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the opening ceremony a success, including the guests from the Education and Manpower Bureau, Peter Broe and Kwok Ho-ting, as well as the participating parents, students, teachers and principal Hui Wing-ho.

We look forward to seeing our English Corner becoming an active, fun place for everyone in the school.

Brian Dietrich, native English teacher

PLK 1983 Board of Directors' College

A fun and educational activity, 'Academic Tour', was jointly organised by the English, mathematics, geography and Chinese history panels at Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School on April 8.

This was the first time that the school had organised such an event and all Secondary Two students enjoyed the three-hour morning activity.

The participants were divided into teams of six or seven.

In the first round, all teams answered a total of 80 questions related to the four subjects.

In the second round, they had to go to the classrooms and corridors to complete the tasks set by the subject teachers.

They had to use their knowledge of the subjects in a practical environment.

After the two rounds, the total marks of each team were added up and prizes were given to the winning teams.

The activity reached a climax when students were shown a short movie featuring

teachers in school uniforms who discussed academic problems and ways to solve them.

It conveyed a strong message that learning was fun and interesting and the young audience was excited to see their teachers playing the role of students.

The school hopes to cultivate a positive attitude among students by encouraging them to participate in fun learning activities. This will also teach them not to give up easily and try their best to overcome all challenges.

Jessica Ho

Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School

An entertaining Chinese play, The Butterfly Lovers, stole the limelight at the open day of Queen Elizabeth School on April 6 and 7.

The annual event kicked off with a melodic piano solo and a fabulous jazz dance in the school hall.

Visitors were treated to various musical performances, which included a euphonium (a brass wind instrument) duet, and zheng, yang qin and saxaphone solos.

The Chinese drama, which featured folk dances, was the highlight of the ceremony.

The story revolved around two devoted lovers, and the colourful costumes impressed the audience.

'We won the outstanding actress award and the best stage effects in the inter-school drama competition,' said teacher-in-charge Yu Siu-ying.

There was also an exhibition, which gave the visitors a glimpse of the students' colourful school life and displayed their achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities.

'There was a three-month preparation period and I would like to praise the enthusiasm of the members of all participating clubs and groups,' said principal, Pang Cheung Yee-fan.

The visitors - including primary students, parents, guests, alumni, school principals and teachers - played interesting games and received colourful gifts and souvenirs.

Members of the Art Club showed off their skills by making attractive bracelets and necklaces and twisting balloons in different shapes.

The prefects and members of the student union were on hand to provide information and give guided tours of the school to primary students, who showed a keen interest in secondary school life.

A detailed description of outdoor activities organised by the school was offered by the Camp Warden Association and the uniformed groups - Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and the Youth Red Cross.

The two-day event was a great success, thanks to the support from parents and the hard work of the dedicated students, teachers and other staff members.

Samuel Wan

Queen Elizabeth School