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PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 June, 2006, 12:00am

Friday, June 2, 8.30-9.35pm

Luxury Unveiled: Dunhill

TVB Pearl

This is a globally broadcast TV series on luxury goods. Each episode explores one particular luxury brand story.

The series focuses on TV broadcasts in markets, such as China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Russia, where luxury brands have the most potential for growth.

Dunhill is the brand that epitomises the modern-day British gentleman.

Whether you are a chief executive or an artistic director, you find more than clothes at Dunhill: a special spirit related to the brand.

Luxury Unveiled takes four clients - from Beijing, New York, London and an explorer of Antarctica - on a journey to the heart of the brand where they meet the super group of four cutting-edge designers who define Dunhill today.

They end up at the legendary Goodwood Race Track to share a unique driving experience with David Clarke in his McClaren F1.

Saturday, June 3, 8-9pm

The F Word

ATV World

With the irrepressible Gordon Ramsay at the helm, The F Word delivers a bold new approach to food on TV, a fresh way of dealing with an area at the heart of all our lives.

A nine-part weekly show hosted by Ramsay and restaurant critic Giles Coren, The F Word aims to be the definitive food series on television. Whether it's food in the shops, on the restaurant table, in your fridge or in your mouth, you'll find out everything you need to know on The F Word.

Ramsay marks episode one of the programme during national vegan week with a very special dish.

Stage and screen star Martine McCutcheon learns how to sharpen a knife and Ramsay learns to 'keep it simple, stupid' when he challenges comedian Al Murray to make the best bread and butter pudding.

Sunday, June 4, 8.05-8.30pm

Everybody Hates Chris

TVB Pearl

Despite being an instant target for bullies, Chris' inherent charm and sharp wit enable him to make new friends at school, such as Greg, another smart, nice kid who can't fight.

As Chris Rock pointedly reflects back, his younger self is set to discover what his family already knows - his sharp, scrappy nature is going to take him places. But first, he's going to have to think, talk or run his way through one growing experience after another at home, at school and on any buses along the way.

In this episode, Chris tries everything to hide an 'F' on his report card from his parents.

Monday, June 5, 8.30-9.35pm

Kapow! Superhero Science

TVB Pearl

This programme helps you to celebrate the science behind the superpowers and gadgetry of comic-book superheroes and heroines.

Investigate real-life cases of super-strength, x-ray vision and speed, and discover the scientific feasibility of hi-tech superpowers.

We're at a point in history, where all kinds of technologies are available. If you allow yourself to imagine the future, and what might be technologically possible in the years ahead, it's actually relatively easy to imagine that levitation will become commonplace.

And you can also go into the 25th century to see what else scientists will come up with.

From the comics, you learned what's imaginable; now see what's possible.

Two questions. First, can science replicate the powers of comic-book superheroes? And second, can Spider-Man come out to play?

No scientists believe a bite from a radioactive spider will give you superpowers. But few doubt that spider silk is an amazing super fibre.

Tuesday, June 6, 10.06-11pm

The World In Time: Science and Religion

ATV World

Taking its cue from Dan Brown's best-selling novel, Angels & Demons, this series takes an engaging look at the philosophical questions of human existence, such as 'where do we come from?', the 'big bang' theory and how the quest for truth and power has fascinated us since ancient Greek times.

While the debate between science and religion has traditionally involved philosophical questions, advances in areas such as stem-cell research and human cloning, and the teaching of creationism in many schools, have fuelled increased public interest and discussion.

While Kepler and Darwin first made it possible for philosophers to understand the physical world without God, Einstein introduced new questions that science could not explain. As the series demonstrates, there is now a growing convergence between these two views.

Wednesday, June 7, 8-8.30pm

Classical Destination: Salzburg City

TVB Pearl

This is a programme about cities that have inspired great music.

Explore Europe's most beautiful cities while enjoying the music written within their confines.

Learn about the cities' famous composers, and how they were influenced by the geography and history that surrounded them.

The series also considers how their achievements have subsequently had an impact on these places ... from the many museums and mass marketing to complete name changes as is the case with Torre del Lago Puccini.

This series takes viewers on an inspirational tour through Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, St Petersburg and nine other great 'classical destinations', examining the defining moments in the lives of composers like Beethoven, Mahler, Dvo{cech}rak, Wagner, Vivaldi and Sibelius.

Thursday, June 8, 9-10pm

The World of Exploration: RX for Survival

ATV World

The past 100 years have brought life-saving medical discoveries, the introduction of sanitation systems, and the creation of a public health infrastructure to protect people from dangerous diseases.

These advances have doubled life expectancy figures in developed countries and increased longevity in some Third World nations.

But in recent years, the world has faced enormous challenges in its efforts to preserve this so-called Golden Era of global health.

In the past few decades, 30 new infectious diseases have emerged, travelling the globe rapidly, while older killers that once seemed under control are resurfacing. The key is to understand why we are facing these new problems so we can identify ways to solve them.

RX for Survival is a compelling six-part mini-series designed to create an understanding about the importance of global health in our lives and spark dialogue about serious health issues.