Tips from the winners

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 June, 2006, 12:00am

Seventeen real estate agents from five property agencies were winners in this year's Distinguished Salesperson Award. Some of them share their sales techniques.

'I don't just sell the property, I sell the lifestyle associated with the property and the lifestyle the customers can have when living there.' Dorathy Lui, Century 21

(14 years in real estate sales)

'Treat customers like friends. Make their needs the priority, rather than the commission.' Esther Chan, Midland Realty (9 years)

'Keep building customer relationships after a transaction is complete. This could include calling every three months to update a customer on the price of their property. One satisfied customer once gave me 10 leads'

Kenny Yung, Midland Realty (10 years)

'Do more. Ask more. Ask and understand what the customer needs and deliver it.' Derek Man, Midland Realty (9 years)

'Do everything in the best interest of the client. Once I helped a client obtain a property at 10 per cent below the market price. I didn't earn a commission on that one, but the client appreciated my efforts and referred other business to me.'

Cecilia Wong, Midland Realty (2 years)

'Talk to the customers. Find out their stories. Why is a man buying a property? Is it for his son, for himself or for an investment? This helps to gain their confidence.' Carven Yan, Midland Realty

(5 years)

'Treat customers like friends - with sincerity.' Fanny Lin, Hong Kong Property Services (2 ? years)

'I sell myself first - my experience and knowledge of the products. Then I find out what the clients need and find them the right option.' Lui S.L. Loi, Hong Kong Property Services (13 years)

'Show the clients that we understand the market and show them where the potential lies.' Chris Lam, Hong Kong Property Services (4 years)

'Show humility. Do more than the clients expect. I joined the company fresh out of school, but when my clients find out how young I am they usually think I'm polite and mature beyond my age and give me a chance to work with them.'

Brian Wong, Hong Kong Property Services (3? years)