Global medical publisher wants an ace manager

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 03 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 03 June, 2006, 12:00am

The search is on for a general manager to run a busy publishing office that provides data related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Manpower Professional's client specialises in the niche market of medical publications and produces and distributes a range of health-care information, including medical systems and journals. It holds about a 70 per cent share in the global market.

The parent company has a 70-year history and about 1,000 employees worldwide. However, the Hong Kong office was established only 12 years ago and has about 50 staff.

'The outgoing general manager is leaving Hong Kong because of the pollution. The health of her two sons has been badly affected,' said Ashley Steinhausen, operations director for Manpower Professional.

The new manager will be responsible for general administration, which involves making sure all sales reports are provided on time, financial reports are accurate and up to date and overall sales activity is co-ordinated and conducted properly.

The chosen candidate will report to the regional manager based in Singapore and must be able to formulate and implement sound business plans for increasing business. Visionaries with an entrepreneurial flair could succeed in this role.

Another duty of the manager will be to help plan the subject matter of the magazines and newsletters from a non-professional's perspective. The manager will work with technical editors. The necessary technical knowledge can be learnt on the job.

With hundreds of drugs entering and exiting the market, the challenge is to keep the publications' content up to date. The job demands lots of reading and database searches although it is not necessary to know specific details of the news.

'It is more important to be aware of information in the public domain and its implications. That way it can be assured when the next edition is put together that the updated information is there,' Mr Steinhausen said.

Candidates are expected to have excellent organisational and analytical skills. Preferably, this expertise was fine-tuned while running an independent business unit at a strategic level in a multinational.

Applicants with an MBA degree will get preference. Experience in the pharmaceutical publications industry is not necessary.

The candidate needs to have the right personality. The company is looking for a diplomatic person who can get along with people from different cultures, races and religion.

'It's a collegiate type of company, so applicants should feel comfortable working in close-knit teams where the hierarchy is not so rigid,' Mr Steinhausen said.

With plans to expand into the mainland, promotion prospects are good for those who have the aptitude and are willing to make the move.