Energy-saving tips for World Cup fans

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 June, 2006, 12:00am

As the city warms up for the World Cup finals which kick off on Friday, environmental organisation Friends of the Earth (FoE) Hong Kong has provided some energy-saving tips for soccer fans who plan to watch the games at home.

At a promotional campaign last Sunday, FoE (HK) reminded people that they should use fans instead of air conditioners to cool down during this hot weather.

But if they want to switch on the air cons while watching the matches, they should keep the temperature at 25.5 degrees Celsius, the green group said.

The group suggested drinking iced water or juice or taking a cool shower during half-time.

The group also said fans need not turn on all the lights while watching TV, adding that people should switch off their television after the match and not leave it on stand-by mode.

A number of 'Power Watchers', including Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works Sarah Liao Sau-tung and legislator Kwok Ka-ki, took part in the event.

With a football, the guests knocked down the dummies of some soccer stars which carried slogans such as 'Urban Heat Island Effect', 'Air-con Sickness' and 'Global Warming', symbolising their goal to reduce pollution and save energy.

FoE (HK) used the promotion to invite people to take part in the Power Smart energy conservation contest.

The contest is aimed at achieving a two per cent reduction in the participants' electricity consumption over the next three months.

Through the competition, the green group hopes to reduce the emission of air pollutants from household appliances, including air conditioners.

One of the participants, Luisa Tam Han-may, Opinion Pages editor of the South China Morning Post, shared her energy-saving experiences during the campaign.

She asked her daughter, who once considered air conditioners a necessity, to try to use fans as much as possible. She also asked her husband to take showers instead of baths. The family's electricity bill has dropped by more than 30 per cent since they started the conservation measures, Tam said.

If you want to join the energy conservation contest, visit The deadline is June 30. For enquiries, call 2528 5588.