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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 June, 2006, 12:00am

Tuna fishing should not be banned

Many people like to eat tuna. Environmentalists say tuna are being over-fished to meet the heavy demand.

And they have advocated a ban on tuna fishing, saying that the fish is faced with extinction.

There are a number of reasons why I don't support such a ban.

First, not all tuna species are endangered. There are many varieties of tuna fish, such as skipjack and albacore, that can be a good alternative for diners.

Second, tuna fishing is under control because southern bluefin catches - an endangered species - will be halved by next year.

Third, fishermen can rear tuna in their own fishponds. This will provide the opportunity for tuna fish stocks in the sea to return to their normal levels.

Finally, people won't consume tuna in large quantities because it is expensive.

Moreover, tuna is not a very popular food in Chinese restaurants, so it is unwise to blame local fishermen for the dwindling fish stocks.

A ban on tuna fishing does not make sense.

Anna Au Tsz-ying

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Don't ignore anyone

I recently watched an animation which focused on our power of existence.

If our power of existence is gone, we will disappear and the people around us will not notice any difference.

We all strive for existence, but it's more important that others know we are here.

If no one notices us, we are not existing, but just living in the world.

So, do you remember how many people you have ignored all these years?

If you ignore someone, you destroy their power of existence. Don't ignore anyone in future.

Sam Lam

STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Rain or shine, be optimistic

I left my umbrella in a basketball court near my school last month.

I thought someone would take it, but when I passed by the playground the following day, it was still there.

I was really surprised because there were a lot of people there that day and anybody could have just grabbed my umbrella.

I think nobody wanted my umbrella because it was so worn out.

But there may be another reason: Hong Kong people have high moral standards.

Although many bad things are highlighted on television and in newspapers every day, they are not a true reflection of our society.

We should have more confidence in our government, our people and ourselves.

Only then can we make progress.

Howing Chu

English goal is a long way off

It is good to see that two Hong Kong students have achieved outstanding results in an English public-speaking competition.

This has given them the chance to go to London where they will be able to pit their talents against young people from around the world.

How many Hong Kong students get such an opportunity?

How about those who have weaker English skills but are determined to improve their standards?

Actually, many students in Hong Kong can write well in English but are too shy to speak the language.

Daily practice is essential if you want to improve your English skills.

Nearly every school in the city has a native English-speaking teacher (NET). Students can learn a lot from the NETs by listening and speaking to them.

Many NETs are very friendly, which encourages students to play an active role in polishing up their language skills.

But each school has only one to two NETs to cater to hundreds of students. It seems there's

a long way to go before every student can achieve proficiency in English.

Angela Kwok

Methodist College

Bus uncle's ordeal

I believe many Hong Kong students simply laughed at 'bus uncle' while watching the video on the internet.

They might have laughed at the middle-aged man without thinking whether he was the villain or the victim. Maybe they thought it was a big joke but I don't agree. Please don't follow others blindly.

Think first before you take your next step.

A Student

Say the magic word

I sometimes argue with my parents, but I will say sorry to them and they will forgive me.

Many young people think that their parents fuss over them. Why don't they think about their parents' feelings?

They really love us and want us to be a good boy or girl.

So, when you argue with your parents next time, find out why they are so angry and say sorry to them. Hope you can have a happy family life.

Lee Yan-tim

Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College