PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 June, 2006, 12:00am

A STUDY tour to England helped a group of students from Ling Liang Church MH Lau Secondary School hone their English skills and broaden their horizons.

Twenty-nine students and three teachers from the school took part in the 16-day programme during the Easter break earlier this year. The trip lasted from April 7 to 22.

The students spent three hours every morning at Canterbury Stafford College, where a variety of activities aimed at boosting their language skills were held.

They had the chance to become disc jockeys and write their own scripts for recording. Other activities, such as orienteering and interviews with Thai students, were also arranged.

They visited Oxford and Cambridge universities and museums in London during the weekend.

The students stayed with host families which helped them get a better understanding of another country's traditions and culture.

There was a multi-cultural exchange when some of the host families welcomed students from France, Thailand and China.

Since the trip, our students have shown more confidence in speaking English.

They are looking forward to similar meaningful visits which serve the dual purpose of being educational as well as relaxing.

Yau Bik-kan

Ling Liang Church MH Lau Secondary School

An English fun fair was held at Sam Yuk Middle School in Clearwater Bay on April 28. Fifty Primary Six students from HHC Shing Hang Fong Memorial Primary School were invited for the event.

The students played many games, including funny golf, car racing, rhyming tree and table tennis, organised by Sam Yuk's English Club.

The activity was aimed at providing more opportunities for students to speak English and enhance their confidence in using the language.

'We have had more opportunities to practise our spoken English. We are being trained to speak fluently. Also, we learned a lot of useful vocabulary and sentence structures,' said English Club vice-president Dicky Yu.

Abby Lam, chairperson of the English Club, added: 'Organising a Fun Day for primary students isn't an easy task. We have been preparing for the event since the beginning of the school year. It took us time to design games for them and look for suitable materials for our booths. During the process, we learned to delegate tasks and co-operate with others.'

Most of the primary school students who attended the fun fair said the activities encouraged them to use English and helped boost their confidence in speaking the language.

They also asked us to hold a similar programme in the future.

Learning English should not be confined to a classroom. Students should be given opportunities to use the language in their everyday lives.

Eunice Wong

Sam Yuk Middle School

Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School held its 45th anniversary open day on March 31.

The school's stairwell was decorated with beautiful ribbons and prefects lined up on both sides of the school lobby, which was transformed into a sea of colour by flower baskets.

The opening ceremony started at 9.30am. Guests signed their names on a mural which was presented to the school. In the mural, students expressed their gratitude to the school authorities for guiding them on the correct path and providing them a balanced education which would lead to future success.

Afterwards, guest-of-honour Leung Shiu-keung, principal education officer of the Education and Manpower Bureau, gave a speech.

Mr Leung said the school had achieved great success due to the efforts of its principal, staff members and students, as well as parents.

The opening ceremony was followed by student performances.

There was a performance by the Chinese orchestra and a jazz dance. The dancers thrilled the audience with their energy, passion and confidence.

A group of Form Two students who staged a drama displayed excellent acting skills.

Besides, there were stalls and display boards to keep the visitors entertained.

The booth set up by the Art Club was very popular. Visitors could be seen playing games and having a good time at the stalls.

Student helpers who offered explanations to curious onlookers said they enjoyed their work.

There were about 50 display boards which showcased students' colourful and creative work in different subjects.

The open day was a great success.

Janice Tang

Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School