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PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 June, 2006, 12:00am

Bus drivers should take responsibility

I am a student at Clementi Secondary School in North Point. Every morning I take the 529P bus to school.

But, many students can't get on this bus because so many students and people refuse to move back or go to the top level.

Instead, they stand foolishly in the front of the bus and near the exit, making it impossible for anyone else to get on even though there is still plenty of room on it!

I want to know why drivers act so carelessly, refusing to ask passengers to go to the back, or to the top of the bus.

People are being stranded on the pavement by a bus that's not full!

The drivers should be made responsible. I think they should be fired as they are causing the bus company to lose money and public confidence.

It would change their attitude if their jobs were put on the line.

Sammy Choi Siu-lung

Clementi Secondary School

Teacher knows best

Sometimes, I really don't know whether I understand myself or not.

One day, a teacher said to me: 'You aren't good enough; you need to work harder and learn more. There are still many things you don't know in the world. You should learn to study with modesty, never be proud. It won't bring you any success, but will lead to defeat. Remember my words all the time, and they will bring you success one day.'

At the time, I never really took her words seriously. I thought I was the best, I was always top of the class and I thought her words were nonsense. But, in Primary Six, I finally understood what her words meant.

The homework seemed more difficult than ever, and grammar was harder to understand. My grades got worse.

I was very sad and unhappy. I was also very ashamed. I was stupid not to have listened to my teacher.

Now I regret my mistake. I did not understand myself at all. It was my teacher who knew me and cared most about me. She was so true to me, but I refused her kindness.

I want to repent.

Steffi Yuen Pui-yan

True Light Girls' College

Online fun learning

I think that online learning can replace traditional lessons if technical problems can be solved before lessons are launched.

There are advantages and disadvantages to learning online.

I agree that online learning may prevent teenagers from having face-to-face interaction with other students and teachers.

But, they can have more time one-on-one if they do extra-curricular activities together.

On the other hand, online learning does offer more flexible instruction methods for teachers and reduces the amount of paperwork for both teachers and students.

By studying online, students can access up-to-date learning materials which can enhance their interest, and perhaps most importantly, change their attitude towards studying.

Once students find that learning is interesting, they will work harder.

But what about those less fortunate people who cannot afford to study online?

I suggest the government should subsidise or even buy computers for those students.

Online learning makes studying more interesting and convenient for everyone.

Mandy Yeung

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)

Vegetables matter

Vegetable are essential to our daily lives.

The nutrients in vegetables help our bodies digest food more easily.

It is extremely worrying that environmental group Greenpeace found banned pesticides and excessive levels of chemicals in samples it collected from two main supermarkets.

If we consume the pesticides, we could suffer long-term neurological disorders and other such conditions.

The issue has raised public concern about whether the vegetables we eat are safe.

I think both the importers and retailers should maintain greater transparency over where they get their vegetables from.

For example, the should write the source of the vegetable on the packaging.

In this way, the consumers can know where the vegetables come from and would have greater confidence in buying them.

I hope the government and the two main supermarkets can take the lead in stepping up their surveillance on the levels of pesticides on the vegetables.

Alice Yeung Wai-tsun

Life and death

We are born. We die. We arrive, we depart.

These two states determine our human existence.

Of course we celebrate the happiness of a new life, but what about death?

Death brings unhappiness and great sadness to those who remember the dead person.

But death is something else - an arrival. It is another journey that humans must take.

We should look at death in a different way. Death is like a departure lounge to a place in the sky. And one day, all of us, will meet there again.

Chan Wai-man




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